Update on my rescued boxer Sammie

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Well let's see...I've had Sam now 3 1/2 weeks and my goodness...I have to be the luckiest adopted boxer mom ever!

Last week she escaped from her wire crate by somehow loosening the top and just jumping out.. I came home and immediately noticed she was not in the crate..what the heck??? and here she comes strolling in from the living room just as cool as can be. Since nothing was eaten, torn or destroyed, she can't be that bad. The only thing she did was hop on the sofa and move the pillows around oh and took an empty tp roll from the trash in the bathroom and found it in her chair....I can handle that. So I thought ok, let's give it a try. Left her alone next day when I went to work...came back in a couple hours to check...SHE WAS SLEEPING IN MY BED! SHE DIDN'T EVEN HEAR ME COME IN. So back to work I go... a couple hours later I come home and she laying in her crate just as quiet as can be. So to make a long story endless, after 3 1/2 weeks she has the run of the house and is a happy girl. No accidents, no destruction and I get the happiest welcome when I get home!!! I love this boxer dog!!!

I was giving her some rawhide chews or a hoof with cheese in it...when I thought she was done, I'd take it away from her...at first she hung on to it like..it's mine and i'm not giving it up...NOW she just lets me have it anytime i want it. She is the best.

I feel I am extremely lucky to have this girl. You all told me it would take at least 3 weeks for her to adjust and you guys were right on. Thank you for teaching me patience...I will update with pics and let you all know when I do.

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Your post made me laugh.
Sometimes I've come home to an eerie silence and just before I start to panic Garvin comes trotting out of my bedroom trying to pretend like he hasn't been asleep all day and is really 'on duty'.
Funny things they are :)


Boxer Insane
That is great news. Sounds like all is well with the both of you. I am glad all of this is working out. Sam and you both have a new life....And a great one together :)
That is wonderful news. I can feel the love coming from your post that you have for Sam lovicon I bet if Sam could type a post it would be the same as yours, not only are you lucky to have her, but I am sure that she feels the exact same way. Thanks for the update, and so happy things have turned out so well for you.


Boxer Buddy
Well I have updated my gallery with some recent pics...recent as last Sunday. She's developing into quite a nice girl and her personality is just hysterical.

She still enjoys just standing with her face in your lap while you love on her as long as possible. Loves going on walks and riding in the car...also loves going to the barn just to hang out. Still have issues with dog aggressiveness but we're working on it.

Here's a funny story...in my kitchen I keep a basket on the floor full of various veggies...well yesterday I came home and found a roma tomato in her crate...no teeth marks, no broken skin on the mater. I just round that rather odd...funny, but odd.

oh well..enjoy the pics
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