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This is Linda C. I posted about my friend who had complications following giving birth. Well, her mom called me on Saturday, she was walking around the room. They are not sure what this means but I take it as good news. The doctor's diagnosis was she would be a vegetable the rest of her life. I guess they are wrong. I am going to visit her today. Thanks everyone for caring.


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Glad to hear the positive news. Keep positive! This could be the start of a long road to recovery. She needs all the support and love you can give her. I'll keep you all in my thoughts.

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That does sound like good news. Doctor's have been known to be wrong. I hope they are in this case.

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That's such hopeful news!!! For your friend's sake and for her young family's sake, I'm hoping for the best.

I went through a crisis with my dad this spring, and three separate times was told he probably wouldn't survive, but he's here today doing better than anyone expected.
The human spirit and modern medicine make powerful partners.
I hope someone is staying with your friend around the clock. My dad says that even when he was "out of it", it meant the world to him to open his eyes and see us there, even though he couldn't talk and would drift right out again. He says the power of love is the only thing that pulled him through.

My thoughts are with you all....


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Linda, this is really a very reassuring news. We all send our loving and best wishes to your friend. Hopefully she is back to normal soon.


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Wow Linda! That can only be wondeful and miraculous news! Please keep us posted. I will keep your friend in my thoughts.


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That's wonderful, Linda. How exciting for everyone. Things are definitely looking positive. Keep us updated on what's happening. Jessica
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Oh what good news!! Did you friend like your boxers or animals at all, May be your could get permission to take your "babies" to see her.
Like maybe Spots the cat?!?

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