two checked boxers in Stein Mart ad!

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It was in with the usual Sunday sale papers. I never get a Stein Mart booklet, but this time I did and opened it to page 2 - there was a woman modeling some outfit and in each hand, she was holding a leash and at the end were two handsome checked boxers - all white and each one has a fawn patch over one eye! The male also had a lot of the brown spots you see on the white part of our boxers. They were so cute! Anyone know anything about this pair?:p
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wow that is a beautiful pair of white boxers!
white boxers can be very good looking! the reason I got a boxer was because a friend had one when I was a kid..he was a white boxer with a brown ring arround his eye...I loved him very good dog!


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The checked one looks exactly like my Kracker except her patch is on the other eye. I'm so happy to finally see another boxer that looks like her.

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Now, how cute are they??:D Thanks for the link Dan. Unfortunately they closed both Stein Marts out was my favorite store.:mad:
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