Ttakas escaped today ......

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I came home from work this afternoon and my son had a story for me. It was garbage day today and my husband was busy getting the garbage together to put out on the curb. He forgot that he had left the exercise pen across the garage slightly open. Only realized what had happened when he saw Ttakas creeping out very quietly. When he realised what had happened he called to Ttakas who immediately took off like a bat out of hell. This woke up my son who had been sleeping (his bedroom is directly above the garage). The two of them took off after Ttakas who was headed to the field at the end of the road via several backyards along the way! There were cows in the field - so he decided to chase them followed by Rob chasing him. He ran into the adjoining field through a row of trees with Rob following them. When Rob got there he found Ttakas running towards him being chased by the cows!! They yelled at him to 'sit' which he did, but then the cows caught up with him and he took off again! Rob & Graham finally caught up with him and managed to get his collar and leash on him, only to have a cow follow him sniffing his rear end!! Needless to say I was killing myself laughing by the end of the story! Even now he goes crazy when we 'moo' at him!

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Hey Gillian
That must have been a funny sight.

Trust these Boxers to keep you on your toes all the time!!!!

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Oh, thats funny. Silly Ttakas. He will think twice about going to visit the cows next time.

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That is funny, Lacie does the same thing only with my dads draft horses and mules. Its great fun to chase them BUT when they chase her she runs to me to protect her! Cindy


That is too funny.

I'm so scared for Striker to get away with big roads nearby. So glad you got him back safe!

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Loved the story!!!

I bet it was a shocker when the cows turned the tables on him! Crazy boxer boy!

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OMG!! I wish I could have seen that!! LOL I can almost see it...


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