TTA Staple Removal Question

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Tessa had TTA surgery on November 1st and they just scheduled her staple removal for November 9th. The guidelines were 10-14 days. Should I be concerned about doing it in 9?

She has a small breathable bandage still on so I haven't seen the scar yet. The surgeon said it is designed to fall off in 3-4 days, but it might stay on until her staples are removed.

Anyone have experience with "early" staple removal?


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I have never dealt with an early removal on a dog, but I have on me. Mine were stitches and it was two days early. In my case it was because I was travelling overseas. They told me before hand if the wound wasn't healed sufficiently that I would hve to keep them in. I guess what I am getting at, make sure they believe there is enough healing of you pup's incision before they remove the staples. Or even if a day ot two ahead of time if it still looks like it needs more time call ahead and ask for a later date. You could even call now and ask why they had gone against protocol. If you want you can ask for a later date. Tessa is your girl and you have a right to ask for what you think is best. Wishing an extra speedy recovery for your baby!
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