Trouble with red mange...

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My bruno has had red mange for a little over a month. He was getting better and he had no more bumps and sores until i made the worst move ever and put frontline on him. He was at the point where his body started fighting off the mites and was just starting to grow back hair. I refuse to do a bunch of toxic chemicals. I was just giving him vitamins to boost his immune system. Yesterday i started giving him the missing link and i always give him a little yogurt in his meals. Is there anything else i could be doing to help him out? I purchased this shampoo that has oatmeal and baking soda in it. Sounds like a good idea. Does anyone have any advise?


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You need to avoid anything that will stress him. For fleas you could try garlic and brewers yeast. Boosting the immune system will help with the mange.

Good luck with Bruno!
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