Trip to Petsmart

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Boxer Insane
I thought I'd share our day yesterday.

My 9-year old daughter and I took Bailey to Petsmart. She's been acting like a maniac and I'm trying to socialize her more and more (Bailey--not my daughter :) ).

My daughter begged to hold the leash. I told her to stay close to me so I can grab it if I need to. (Bailey is not the best-behaved on leash and will "take off" if she sees something she wants.)

Well, on the way into the store a woman had a very young black lab puppy. Bailey saw the puppy and started pulling and running toward it. My daughter tried her best to hold the leash and keep Bailey from pulling. Bailey got the best of her, and my daughter LET GO OF THE LEASH! :eek:

So Bailey went charging into the store dragging her leash. :o When we got inside, Bailey was standing at the checkout with the clerks and customers wiggling like crazy, looking at us like, "what took you so long?" :eek: The people were laughing when I came in to get her. :LOL: I was afraid we'd be kicked out of the store before we even got inside. :o

I apologized and picked up her leash. We walked around the store and met a young Siberian Husky. Bailey and the husky sniffed and Bailey immediately "boxed" her ears. They must have played for 5 minutes--tumbling, boxing, rolling around, mouthing each other. What was so funny is they were so quiet! Very unlike Bailey. :)

I tried out some different training collars --couldn't decide. :(

Anyway, it was a fun trip. Never a dull moment when Bailey's involved!! :D


Boxer Insane
Funny story. Sounds like my Nikki, who is no longer allowed to go to PetsMart.. she just cannot behave (contain) herself!


Thats a good one!!

We got to Petsmart at least once a week with the dogs. Sometimes we go to Petco also!!

They love it sooo much. I think they especially like to pull like crazy when they see all the nice doggies in the obedience training aisle!! Everyone turns around and looks, as Striker and Nellie are trying to get in their class so they can play with all the other doggies!!!

Striker has also learned that the cashiers have treats. Right when we get up there, he sits up all nice and proper, and just waits and stares!! After the first treat, usually he will stand up with his feet on the counter and try to get another one.

We have also encountered a lot of people who are deathly afraid of Striker, as they think he's a pitbull. It always happens at Petsmart!!
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