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My 18 week old little girl, Luna, knows her obedience commands really well, so we have been having fun adding some tricks into the mix. She picks things up really quickly, so I need some new ideas to keep things interesting / challenge her a bit.

She already knows: " Pow Pow" with cocked fingers ( play dead ) ....... To reach up to give a High five ..... To shake paws on the command "say hello" ...... and Roll-over 360 degrees.

Anyone have any ideas, or favorite tricks to share ?



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Put her chin in the palm of your hand ... Warning incredibly cute :)
Give you her nose... Form your hand into an arc pointing downwards so her nose fits under the arc
Crawling is always a good one
Puppy push ups (alternate sit and down for a bunch of sets)
Peekaboo... Face away from her, legs apart, so she comes between your legs, sits, and looks up at you

Lots of fun things to do :)


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Teach her to spin left and right. Teach her touch objects.
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