Trace crossed the bridge yesterday

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I'm so sorry. It takes all I have to read these types of posts. I lost my girl in April to boxer cardiomyopathy. My heart goes out to you, I know how it hurts. I know she is at the bridge with all the other boxers that have passed before her playing and running free. angelicon


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I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. So very sorry to read ur tragic story of trace. Im sure she will always be in ur hearts and memories x


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I am so sorry for your loss. It is so very hard when we lose our babies. I too lost my sweet Sierra to the same thing 6 weeks ago. It is good that Mella has a playmate left that will help her through this. I am now faced with another loss. I found out 2 weeks ago that Sinbad has lymphoma. I don't know how I will make it through both in such a short time. All we can do is love them and know that they had a wonderful life, and that we were loved back just as much.
Godspeed Trace
Say hi to Sierra for me
Dora and Sinbad


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I am so sorry to hear about your baby girl Trace. I am so sad for you. I also have such a hard time going on here, as we just lost our baby girl Chloe 6 weeks ago. It is such a bad feeling to know that someone else is having to go through this as well. I do think it was a great tribute to her to place her under the apple tree.


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So sorry to hear about the sudden passing of your sweet girl Trace.
I know the pain you are feeling as we lost our white boy Quincy just over a year ago very suddenly.
It was not until the first anniversary of his passing that I was able to really let go.
Godspeed sweet girl Trace. I am sure you are running around an apple tree at the bridge, more than likely being chased by Quincy.
My thoughts and prayers go out to you both.


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thanks for all the kind responses. I wasn't able to read them until just now. I find myself forgetting that she's gone, but I'm able to remember her antics without breaking down completely. My husband and I share laughs and tears recalling the goofy things she'd do. Trace had separation anxiety and would hide when it was time to go in the crate. We'd find her behind doors, under beds, and once in a closet trying to escape notice. (Leaving her out only increased her anxious behavior.) She'd also play a game called Are You Awake?!? She knew that open eyes meant awake humans, and she'd stand over us in the bed kidney beaning. We'd squint our eyes open, and she'd lean in so close our noses would touch.

But I'm rambling... I miss that crazy dog. I feel for anyone who has experienced a loss of their boxer. Thanks for sharing your stories.

Darlene Auer

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We are so sorry for your loss

We are sorry for your loss of Trace - it is very hard to let go - I do not think we will ever get over losing our precious babies!

Boxer love is the best love!angeliconangeliconangelicon


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My heart is breaking for you and I have tears down my face as I type. I am so sorry that you lost your girl. It is so good that she didn't suffer. I pray that in time, your heart will heal.
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