TPLO surgery in our future


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Copper is not going to have a fun 2019. We received confirmation that he has a torn CCL right after Christmas. After much research, x-rays by 2 vets, and discussions with University of Missouri orthopedic surgeons we have decided to go with the TPLO surgery with hopes of Cooper having the best long-term outcome. We can’t get a surgery date until mid-March - who knew this was such a common surgery. I’m completely overwhelmed by the 8-12 week recovery period of no activity, but we have time to prepare him, the house and ourselves. Any experience or tips would be most welcome.


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Lily has had two TPLO's, one on each of her back legs. The first was harder on her and us. Don't worry the (TPLO) has been perfected. if you have a good vet they work very well.
No activity for the first week or two means, help your dog with a towel under his tummy and you supporting some weight as he goes out to potty. After a couple weeks he'll be getting around. Lily ran downstairs when she got scared by something a week after the operation. No damage. There is plates screwed to the bones so you just don't want to rip screws out by too much running. The vet will probably tell you to start short 5 min walks after two or three weeks, then progress to longer walks.
It is so worth it when you watch them realize they can run again and with no pain! Oh the happy face!!!
March is fine that's about when we got Lily's done. That way after rehab they can still enjoy summer.


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Thank you so much for the information, reassurance and success videos. I have been working my tail off before the the surgery. I'm an independent contractor and travel weekly for work, so apologies for the delayed acknowledgement. I have managed to clear my schedule for 7 weeks post surgery to take care of Cooper. Surgery is next week. We are having orthopedic surgeons from the University of Missouri Vet School do the surgery. The rehab vet has put the absolute fear in us about activity and recovery. It is a bit reassuring to know we have a slight margin for error in the event of an unexpected squirrel or cat. I've had my Mother make a special pair of pants to help post surgery. Cooper hates to wear a collar in the house, so the cone of shame is going to be a challenge in itself. We've tried for about a month to persuade him to get in a crate - not sure what happened in his past, but even prime steak is not sufficient to coax him in. I have purchased a 6-panel gate that I hope will help keep him confined (maybe with the help of the post surgery meds). Sleeping is going to be a challenge -- not sure who it will be harder on - him or us when he is not in the bed. From the first night we brought him home almost 4 years ago, he jumped in bed and has slept there with us ever since. I'm sure we will get through it together and hope to have the same positive results that you had with Lily....but selfishly hope this is a one time event for us!


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Sending lots of positive vibes for successful surgery and an uneventful recovery. :)