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You know Susi, when Snatch had his appointment with the cardio on 7/1, I asked him "could I have done anything sooner?".
Snatch had 3 knee surgeries - how come this aortic valve stenosis has not been found out sooner? We knew he had a heart murmur, but everyone always noticed it as 3/6 grade and every vet had told me it was "no big deal".

And then the cardio made lots of sense: he told me that maybe it is best we never saw a cardio when we first heard the heart murmur (at 2 or 3 years of age?)
He told me otherwise, I would have just been miserable and I would have not let him play, run, have fun all his life.

He told me "what if a cardio had found this out when Snatch was 2?"
For sure I would have restricted him like crazy, worrying each time he would have played, ran, acted crazy..
So now Snatch is almost 10. Next month. And I'm kind of glad I never knew it has AVS before his 1st collapse.

I asked the cardio if I should have Oxy tested.. He told me "not if you can't handle it"..

And I can't..
So I prefer not knowing....

Huge hugs and kisses to you Susi.. Be strong :) Raine loves you lovicon


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Vets office just called and moved Raine's appt. tomorrow back a couple of hours. Hurry up and wait longer now.

She vomited this morning at 5:15am. I doubt it is related to the meds since she has been taking it without incident since last Thursday night.
Got new treats for her on Saturday and no issues with them since then either.
Hubby gave her 2 cherry tomatoes last night which isn't abnormal.
She had about 1/2 of a 12in bully stick last night...typical also.
No idea why she got sick. She is not a puker. Once she threw up she was ready to start her day.
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I can't imagine keeping a Boxer quiet

My heart goes out to you. How devastating. I hope the medication keeps her managed and safe. We are sending prayers.


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Raine has another holter monitor on! That is supposed to be good news.
The ECG yesterday was very similar to the one last week showing only single PVC's so as with all ECG's good news is never relied on and literally means nothing.....hence the reason for another holter. If the ECG was bad they would have had to adjust/up her Sotalol. For the time being I am thankful that we get to remain at the present dose (at least until the holter results come in).

We crossed off two other potential causes for the arrhythmia yesterday as well. A thyroid test was run, T4 only. It was normal which I knew it would be but just to be safe I went with it since hypERthyroid can cause her issues. At least we have a perfectly normal baseline for future reference.

We also tested her Troponin levels. There is a specific cell in the heart that is not in the bloodstream unless there is damage to the heart (various causes). Once damage occurs the heart releases this cell into the bloodstream where it is then detectable. Reference range is 0.01 to 1.88 and Raine's level was 0.03. The amount seems pretty insignificant as far as current damage to the heart but the Troponin was detected so we will test in the future to track progression. She had another Echo as well and there was no change from last week's numbers which is good news. This test would have also showed us if she had myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) but it was insignificant enough to cross an infection off the list.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever was mentioned since it is known to cause an arrhythmia however she has no other signs of that disease so I didn't have her tested for it at this time. We found 2 ticks on her last year however neither were attached and it takes being attached for at least 24 hours to transfer the disease. I feel confident this isn't what we are dealing with.

Talked about doing an ultrasound of her internal organs (mostly spleen) to check for issues since that can also cause arrhythmias but I didn't feel it was worth it at this time due to her age and lack of other symptoms. Will continue to think about it though and do it if we feel it is necessary.

We are also going to do the DNA test for ARVC. We want to see if she has one or two copies of the gene.
One copy would be Heterozygous Positive and two copies would be Homozygous Positive.
Boxers with two copies seem to have a more severe form of the disease. This will give us some insight as to what we might expect going forward.

She seems to be handling this holter a bit better than her first last week. We had to put our heads together to see how to wrap her differently as the vet wrap under the vest was irritating to her. We went without the vet wrap and a smaller holter (medium) and I was sent home with a baggie of fresh sticky pads in case she managed to have any come loose (so far only had to replace one). 2.5 hours left to go with this holter!!

She has also went potty #1 three times and potty #2 once with the holter! That is great progress. Had two short walks as well, visited with neighbors and scared the meter reader in the yard behind us half to death with her big girl bark.

She really wants her life back and I can't blame her. Crossing fingers the results of this holter show the drug is dealing with the arrhythmia and she can get back to her normal routine (or NEW-normal, whatever that may be).
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I feel quite heartened reading your update ,it seems that all is going a little better than expected and love the part where she scared the meter reader ,I can just picture it .... it sure made me smile..
Still sending the healthy <<<vibes>>> your way keep us posted on her health and holter results and not forgetting the Raine antics..


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Removed holter about 20 minutes early today. Figured they got what info they needed in the other 23+ hours and Raine was getting really pouty.
For future reference I must remember to video tape her when the holter comes off.
She ran to the back door, went potty #1 & #2, rushed back to the door to come inside, freaked out spinning in circles, jumping on and off the furniture (and me), ran and got a ball, ran to the back door, took the ball outside and ran around like the happiest girl in the world! The neighbors who adore her and know what is going on were outside clapping! She sure does enjoy an audience. cool2icon


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Hi Susi: I am sorry I just saw this post. I did not expect to hear this news in such a young boxer as Raine. Fingers and Paws crossed here, that the meds work for her. Sending HUGS your way~~~~~

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Poor Raine, she just don't understand why she has to be still and quiet and why do they keep putting this thing on her that she doesn't like...

We are so accustomed to her antics, it is painful hearing she is having problems.

Saying prayers for you, Raine and daddy... lovicon

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Wow, I am so sorry to hear your news. I wasn't a member here when you were going through this with Cami, but you must be shell-shocked to say the least. I think many of us have been through similar emotions and situations with one pet or another. I was thinking about my deceased cat the other day and how within one-week he went downhill, and took me with him. It was the most helpless and worried and sad I'd ever been. Didn't eat for a week. Complete shut down. But we always manage to put the pieces back together.

You are doing your utmost for Raine and she is so lucky to have you. Nico and I are sending all sorts of love and healing vibes to you, your husband and to Raine. I hope she does well on the meds, and continues her 'Diva-hood' for many more moons.



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So sorry to hear of all the struggles and horrific news. Too bad they don't make the new kind of heart monitors for dogs as they do for humans called the Zio Patch. It's like a big rubber band aid and doesn't have all the wires. I had to wear one for a couple of weeks last month and it wasn't bad, you can do all of your daily activities ie: shower etc and no one ever knew I was wearing it.

Hope you get positive results from the latest monitor reading and the medication is working.

Tyson sends healing vibes :)
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