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Thanks for the support.
I wasn't even going to share that Raine had a cardio appt. this week as I just knew it was going to be an uneventful visit.
She was scheduled on Tuesday for her re-check of her original issue (SAS or AS). They really couldn't classify it since it was so "insignificant" and in reality are now just saying it is "stagnant" (unchanged) and more so a bit of mitral valve leakage and at this point in time something they are not even concerned about. Funny how it was imperative that she be rechecked and yet it wasn't necessary but it allowed us to catch something immediately life threatening.

Was told she would be done in an hour or an hour and a half at the most. When an hour and 50 minutes had gone by I started to wonder but again....I never once thought something related to ARVC but perhaps the stenosis was a bit worse and they were waiting on a radiologist or who knows what??

So I finally get in a room and her cardio comes in minus Raine and I saw the look on her face and just KNEW it was serious.

While having the echo done she was hooked up to an EKG/ECG (depending on where you are from) and it alerted them to seemingly constant PVC's (pretty much every other beat). Nothing to do but put a holter on her.

The next 24 hours sucked big time. Raine was SO NOT A fan of the holter and was actually acting as if she was in pain. Movement was only done if she was bribed to do so and even then it was a chore. She went 36 hours before going potty #2 and nearly 18 before going potty #1. Raine is normally a potty machine! She can pee 18 times in an hour if given the chance and she feels the need (exaggerating of course) but her humans were extremely concerned since holding either isn't a good thing. She has not recovered from that and literally NO LIE assumed the position to go potty #2 10 times in a row and was successful within 4 seconds of the holter coming off (early) I couldn't watch her suffer any more.

So I rush the holter back ASAP and realize that it is going to take a few days to get any answers. I again KNEW everything was going to be okay. I mean I prayed my ass off that God would watch over and protect Raine and not allow her to suffer the same fate Cami did. I mean seriously? What are the odds. Cami had her first collapse at age 3. Just shy of 4 years of age by a month and THAT was way early for an ARVC diagnosis. There was no way that Raine was going to have to walk down that same path. Her parents were cleared!! In who knows how many years and how many Boxers her breeder has produced and they just recently had to put one of their dogs on meds for a heart issue at age 7.5. Heart issues are just not an issue their line deals with and longevity is there as well.

When the caller ID shows the hospital calling last night my heart sank but it was jubilant at the same time. I mean it was really odd. A nervous, anxiety ridden, anticipation I think. All in a matter of seconds as I pick up the phone to answer it.

Then I went numb.

Raine is at an extreme risk of sudden death. Her arrhythmia is so bad there is no description for it. She doesn't have just singles, couplets or triplets... she has 6-10 early beats at any given time and they are in runs.
Per the cardiologist:
SHE CAN'T DO ANYTHING, MINUS EAT & GO OUT TO POTTY....until we get her rhythm controlled.
It was then that I asked "Have you ever met Raine?" I mean who thinks that Raine is going to remain calm and relax for a week until these meds start to work and she gets rechecked? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
Oddly though since removing the holter she has slept a lot. She is usually quick to recover from stuff but this was really stressful so I guess I can understand OR this heart stuff has just done her in?

First dose of meds are on board, I stayed awake with her last night and watched her breath hoping with each exhale there would be another inhale.
It is so incredibly odd how the human brain can have not a care in the world one moment and then be totally distraught with fear and sadness in the next.

She seemed to do okay on the meds. Hubby was upset maybe not at me or with me but he was acting like this was all my fault. All my fault his heart was going to get broken since I was the one who pursued another dog after Cami. A friend reminded me that he wasn't mad at me but I was the only other person in his presence and he needed someone to blame. I suppose that is okay. I blame myself more than he ever could.

Raine is clueless. Thank God she is 90% diva and stays in her own little world. She is highly sensitive though and I have to keep remembering that and try to keep it together in her presence. The stress of the holter had all involved considering allowing her to stay at the hospital next week (med check) and monitored overnight with a wireless device instead of another holter but.....Raine is claustrophobic and would not do well in their pens so I don't know what to do there. I could beg to be allowed to stay with her but I don't know if that would fly (pretty sure it would not). If anyone had any suggestions I could use a creative idea or two.

She is on 40mgs of Sotalol twice a day. I hope with all MY heart that this medication will help Raine's heart. If you wouldn't mind.....say a little prayer for her.


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A total shot in the dark here as I have no experience with a holter but if you could get something similar to the holter like an MP3 player or something and strap it to her one hour on one hour off and so forth she may get used to it as it seems that going forward she is going to have to be monitored ,it would be much less stressful on you and her if this can be done at home.
Any how like I said I have no idea what this entails and its just a shot in the dark..
It goes without saying that you all will be in my thoughts and prayers...

Tuff Love

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Oh Susi... there are no words for the feeling I have in my heart reading this thread. It's not right that you and Raine should have to walk the same path as you did with Cami. I am sending you big *HUGS* across the wire. Remember to breath... you can do this. You are practically an expert after what you and Cami endured... the Sotalol will work. You have been on top of her heart condition from day 1 when you first learned the frightening discovery and Raine is getting prompt treatment. You and DH are her best cheerleaders right now and it will do all your hearts good to pause and take a breather. Thora and I are keeping you all in our thoughts. One day at a time grouphugicon


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Susi, words escape me. I can't even begin to imagine how you are feeling right now. I wish I could give you an easy answer or fix, lord knows you and your husband and Raine deserve one.

As for the Holter, I would maybe get a Thundershirt and try having Raine wear that. It gives a similar compression as a Holter vest. If you can make wearing the shirt a positive experience, maybe it will follow through for the Holter. For Thor and Arabella they also put so much wrapping across the front of their chests it made it difficult for them to move. It was Arabella's first time and t really hampered her play and she waited to potty as well. She waited along time to potty as well. She had it put on around noon and she didn't potty until after breakfast the next morning.

Prayers said, and {{{{hugs}}}} being sent. Now please take a deep breath and slowly let it out.


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Wow. Susi - I read the title of your post and went omg omg what.

Then I read the can this be happening to you? AGAIN?! After how hard it was with Cami.

Just remember this - Raine is VERY VERY lucky to have you and your DH. You have been through this and although its not fair by any means - you have experience with cardiomyopathy and are knowledgeable and VERY proactive with this topic. That diagnosis if Raine had ended up in any other home - she may have been PTS with an uneducated owner. Just think of that - you have and ARE giving her an amazing life. You will watch out for her. I know you are nervous and scared - but you also can't control things beyond your reach. Just love her every day, spoil her every day, and keep living it up. When the time comes - it comes. You can't prevent it but you can manage her condition and keep her stable.

Im so sorry to have read this my heart does break for you.


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So sorry to hear this news. I will say that my boxer, Cooper was diagnosed with about this same number of irregular beats at 2 years old and they said he could die at any moment. it was so severe that the cardiologist who read his holter called immediately and asked if she was still alive. With Sotalol he lived another 3 years never having a fainting episode and only died of an extreme joint infection (not sure if it was heart related). At first I was afraid to leave him alone because I didn't want to come back to him being gone, but he never showed any symptoms in his whole life and I didn't really limit his activities. I wanted him to live a normal life for whatever time he had and he did really well on the medication. I too was devasted with the diagnosis since he was also from fully health tested parents who lived long lives after I lost him (10 and 12 years old). Cardiomyopathy is such a bummer :( Hugs for you and Raine.


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Just now catching this thread..... Sending many (((healing vibes))) your way and hope the meds will help her have many more happy Boxer-years.... Cn't imagine how you must feel grouphugicon


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Oh Susi!! I am only now discovering this thread!
I have no words... speechless :(

I am living kind of the same right now. It is so worrisome, seems so unfair and sad :(

grouphugicon Hugs to you. don't blame yourself. And your DH is probably so sad, as your friend said :(

Snatch is on Sotalol 30mg twice a day (a quarter of a 120mg pill am and pm. Snatch is 46lbs)

Snatch collapsed on 7/1 and had 1st EKG. Then 2 weeks after we had a second recheck where the cardiologist was happier with the EKG. We have another recheck on 8/16 (5 weeks after 2nd recheck)
Snatch never had a holter test done. Should I request one?

I am terrified for Snatch all the time now. I am scared to let him play and I am sad to let him be bored..

so unfair... :(

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