Took Biff to the pub.....

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Boxer Insane his hoody (see gallery) to watch the 2nd half of the Scotland v Faro Islands football game. He was a huge hit with all the regulars, and everyone agreed he was Scotland's No 1 fan tonight ! :)


Completely Boxer Crazy
That's great! I bet Biff had a blast... and made some new friends at the pub I imagine!
Way to go Biff beericon


Boxer Insane
Luke loved the pub where I use to work! The regulars loved him too. But the pub is gone now and there are no others around that let him in :( Guess he has to drink his puppy Brau at home now LOL.


Boxer Insane
Glad Biff had a good time and made some new friends!!! Harley would drink half the pub under the table he's my beer drinking boxer!!!

Indy's mom

Boxer Insane
Alright Biff! appicon Did you show 'em all how to hold their brew without drooling all over themselves? beericon


Boxer Pal
Way to go Biff! The latest member of the Tartan Army haha! I bet he enjoyed all the attention.
The last time I was at the pub, there was a man in watching the football with his beautiful white boxer called Bailey. Everyone fussed over him too.
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