too dark for him.

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Hi my name is jake im 11 weeks old i have stop useing my crate as a toilet now mum says im doing very well i go straight outside every morning i know how to do that.IN the day time mum tries her best to get me out side for a wee some times i do go! but it has been raining IN LIVERPOOL alot so i don't go so mum picks me up and puts me down and gives me lots of praises i do go in the end. I KNOW WERE THE DOOR IS WHEN I NEED A POO AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY.BUT when its DARK i will not go to the door for a wee i just have one every night on the carpet.MUM really gives me a good telling off and puts me straight outside.PLEASE can any one give me some advice on this matter, and i can help mum by not telling me of ( bad boy ) and she doe's not clean the carpet every night. THANKS MUM mandy & baby jake xxx.


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take the dog out ON LEASH to poop in the dark. Get a flashlight if you want. Stand in one spot and encourage him to do your poopie (or whatever). When he does, immediately praise like there's no tomorrow and give him a treat (which you'll take with you). Give it to him after praise, right there on the spot.

If he doesn't poop, keep him on leash, bring him in and keep him tethered to you so you can watch him. At the first sign of his having to "go," its back outside on the leash as above.

Good luck.
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