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Brutis and Bama's Mommy

Well I have stopped crying. Tonka is a proud member of our pack. We have been very busy working 6 days a week, out of town so poor Tonka has been in a kennel. He is to big and not trained enough to come to hotel rooms and job sites yet. Brutis and Bama have been with us and they love it. They are really good with their commands. Tonka will be netured in about two weeks then off for obiedence training. Still researching on wether to do it at home by myself with the little bit of time I have, go to to classes, or send him to a school. I have heard pros and cons about all of them.
I want to thank everyone for their support. Shame on Tonka's previous owner for making me feel bad when all I have done is had Tonka's best interest at heart.

Brutis, Neuterd male, Fawn w/black mask, dob 12/31/98, his last Mommy felt she did not have enough time to spend w/him.
Bama, netuered male, fawn, dob sometime in 1998, from the Alabama Boxer Rescue and Adoption Inc.
Tonka, soon to be netuered rotty dob Feb, 2000


Boxer Pal
Hi Colleen,
I'm so glad to hear that you still have Tonka and everything is going well! I was wondering how things were going. Forget about that guy, he's not worth worrying about. You have done an amazing thing for Tonka. Keep up the good work, and keep us posted on how it is going

Im so glad for the update Colleen. When I seen you posted on the "what you do for a living question" I asked about Tonka. By the way, you may want to go check out what I wrote in reply to your jobs, heehee.

Cindy Corl
Lacie female, brindle, natural ears,7-17-99
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