To crate or not to crate????

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Cassius is 3 years old now he is crated when ever we leave the house he doesn't seem to mind going in but I think its time to give him a little more freedom how do I know if he is ready???



Baby steps.
Pick a time when he's relaxed and quiet, don't make a big deal, slip out for 10 minutes or so and (if he's been a good boy) quietly reward him with affection - but keep it low key.
Use common sense just as you would with a crawling baby or toddler that can reach "off-limits" items - put them out of sight.
Mack is 2 1/2 and has only been crated for night
times ( that started at about 6 months to about 18 months cuz he was counter cruising at daybreak:mad:) But we still use a babygate and leave him in the kitchen/fam room when he's alone. He's been a pretty good boy.......but every once in a while - he gets in trouble. He's much better during the day than he is at night - but that's because it seldom happens and he hasn't gotten used to it.


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We have never crated Bailey, even was he was a puppy. When he was little we put up a baby gate in the Kitchen when we left.
Now we just let him have run of the house. He doesn't make a mess that way. We leave the tv on, and put things up that is a nono.


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this is what we did--------we would leave for a short time(5-10mins) with the crate door open so he could go in & out. if your dog is doing good then go for longer trip's and so on.

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When we got Rayna everyone was telling us to crate husband purchased a crate and brought it home......I put Rayna in it for about a few minutes and had to take her out.....she was soooooo upset.....and im a big ol softy......(due to my childhood) any way....we put up a gate in the kitchen and she stays in there while we are gone during the day.....and at night after the dog park or a long walk and we have to leave the house....we put up anything we dont want her in....and let her have run of the house......besides the ONE time we forgot the trash was out.....and came home to it all over the floor....she has done really great!!!!!!!


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Lisa will be 3 in Sept. -- crate training the last couple of months have really put her at ease -- with sepration anxiety -- crating is a safe place for her and when we take her out its kisses and wiggles -- Our Vet stated that crating is a safe place for them and that some can have the run of the house others get to excited with too much room to roam that it causes the animal to react in tearing up the place or door or leather couch or bed -----you get the idea! -- Crating is a safe haven.
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