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I am probably going to get bashed for this but here it goes. You asked me if I taught Samson to be protective. I have to admit I did give him a little training. Mainly because there are times when my hubby goes out of town and I am here alone with my kids. I wanted Samson to bark whenever someone came to the door or if I needed to let someone know they were to close for my comfort. It came pretty easy to him because he has always had that streak of protectivness in him. I had already taught him the "go get" command to wake up the kids in the morning, so I just added to it, whenever someone came to the door I would tell Samson "Go get the Boogeyman", he eventually caught on that the Boogeyman was a bad thing and immediatly went into attack mode, barking, growling, big bad Boxer stance. Now if there is something in the alley or if I feel in danger I just give that command and he is ready. BUT...most importantly I have also taught him the "enough" command which makes him back off and let me go to the door or investigate what is going on. Don't get me or my Samson wrong here, he is the biggest sweetheart in the world, and when you are invited in he will just kidneybean and love you to death, but you have to be invited in first. I am trying to work on my new pup Athena (6 months) but she is just a baby still and thinks Samson is the boogeyman, just jumps and grabs at him when I say it. I hope you all don't get me wrong here, I have actually had a few incidences when that command has come in handy, and crime is way up here in Tucson and I feel a bit better knowing he is here with me.


I do not blame you AT ALL! I would do the same thing if I were in your situation! There is nothing wrong w/ have a dog to protect you and your kids!

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You are not alone.I taught Austin to bark at the door when someones knocks because my husband works at night.I have three kids to protect and I dont live in the nicest neighborhood.But also I taught him a command that if it was okay (i.e.friendly people come to visit) to back down and be his big baby self.

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We are not sure how we did it but Brutus runs to the door and barks whenever we say "stranger". Sometimes if we hear things at night he will start to bark. We say "Bru go check" and he runs around the house. Once he has checked everything he comes back to us. It is a great security system :)

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Originally posted by Brutus and Amaya's Mom:
We are not sure how we did it but Brutus runs to the door and barks whenever we say "stranger". Sometimes if we hear things at night he will start to bark. We say "Bru go check" and he runs around the house. Once he has checked everything he comes back to us. It is a great security system :)

My two do the same thing but we use the command "GO SEE". They run to the window and check everything out. It's also good to use when they are taking up to much of the bed and you want them to move. When they come back you are all nice and comfy.

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At what age did you begin to instill these behaviors??. Chance heard something outside (he is 6 momths), went into his alert mode and rang the bell to go outside and getting right back in to his alert mode. When I open the door for him I realize that he really wants to confirm that all is well.

BUT I said to him, look you are going to get me killed out here. Imagine, he hears something and than takes you outside to go see what it is. Like I said he is 6 months. We would have both been toast.

I don't want to encourage that "LET'S" go see what is thing. I want him to go on his own and leave me safe behind.

It sounds like, when I notice him respond to a strange sound, I should get some buzz word to let him know I hear and an just as concerned too. My neighbor uses "watch" on his female boxers and she gets into alert mode just at the sound.


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I use 'guard' (guard the babies if my kids are alone, otherwise guard the house) and both dogs do a quick search of the house, doors/windows etc, then each takes up a place at opposite ends of the house and waits.

Say boogeyman in my house and Tess runs to kill my bathroom! When she was little, the self with all the shampoo and stuff in the shower fell down in the middle of the nite - huge crash - she tried to be so brave and go anialate (sp) the intruder, hair raised teeth showing big bad baby boxer bark! Then she decided maybe she should have me come help her!:rolleyes: She was only about 4 months old at the time.....


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i guess in her own way Annie's a guard dog - she barked at my car the other day when it was in the driveway (I usually park in the garage) and she barked at the garden flag that was blowing in the breeze too LOL

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Stella has decided that she needs to protect us from all of our neighbors. When we take her on a walk she will bark at everybody. Her hair stands up and she just goes nuts. These are the neighbors that we're trying to get to NOT be afraid of our sweet dogs. Thanks alot, Stella! smashicon


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Mine are auto doorbell barkers. Soon as the doorbell rings, all hell breaks loose until they see who is behind that door, or unless I say Stop.
If I see a stranger walking or a strange car pull up, I say "Who's THAT?" Automatically they are up on the back of the couch and in the picture window with their nosey self and seeing who it is.
Domino's has a commercial and on it the doorbell rings, well that sounds just exactly like mine.. and everytime they hear it, the auto doorbell barkers go off LOL:rolleyes:
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