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What a beautiful house! I'm so jealous. Maybe someday when we leave the military we can have a house with land like that. Thanks for sharing your pictures on your web site. How are your two fur-babies getting along?

Barney--Brindle 13mo. male/n natural ears
Remmy--Boxer mix 18mo. male/n <foster>
Samson--Fawn Rainbow Bridge 7-99


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Thanks! We have been in this house just a little over 2 yrs now. It is the first home we purchased. We rented up until now. We love it!!!

My babies get along great! Roxie (the rott) is older and she is not as playful as a young boxer, but it has been good for her. And Maddy... well, he just doesn't give up on Roxie... he will get her to play with him or else!!! They are cute together!

Maddux - male brindle boxer
Roxie - female rottweiler
see them here:
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