Titus & Lucky are saved!

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Well, we have WONDERFUL news! Will's son, William not only has his boxer Jake here with us but also has two boxers with his Mom in Washington Court House, Ohio. Titus is a large fawn boxer and Bruiser is a smaller brindle. Titus and Bruiser also have a non-boxer brother Lucky who is a dalmation.

On 4/5/04 Titus and Lucky got out of their backyard and ran off for what they thought would be some fun. This is how their journey started. While Titus and Lucky's family had posted signs, notified their local rescues and Heart of Ohio Boxer Rescue, they heard all kinds of calls from people saying they had seen them but they didn't know about their loss of direction until after the fact. All the calls showed the dogs were traveling far and across freeways.

Finally Lucky was found on 4/7/04, but not with Titus. Lucky was pretty scratched up and exhausted. Everyone was EXTREMELY glad to have him home, but obviously still sad that Titus wasn't with them. Lucky didn't want to go outside at all once he was home, not even to go potty. Poor guy never wanted to lose his way again.

Meanwhile, the search continued for Titus by many people to locate him.

An early Easter present came when Titus was found on 4/10/04 in a corn field by a family. What WONDERFUL people! When Titus' Daddy reached the corn field Titus had collapsed from exhaustion and had to be carried. He has some cuts and scrapes from barbed wire, but they are superficial. He has lost quite a bit of weight since he hasn't been home for nearly a week and his paws are quite swollen.

All-in-all, Titus & Lucky are recovering quite well and are SO happy to be back home with boxer-brother Bruiser, skin-brother William, skin-sister Aaralyne, and his skin parents.

Just had to share their story, it has been SO hard on them. Just thought it would be inspiring for others.

All the best,

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I am so glad to hear this happy ending! appicon I am sure the boys will be back to themselves in no time!
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My goodness those poor babies!! Time for some serious spoiling...

I'm amazed that they were found...thank goodness!

Very Inspiring!!

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