Titus has cancer!

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I'm so very, very sorry :( Sending all the best possible thoughts to Titus and your family.

Went through this with Rebel - the Pred helped a great deal. In his case the chemo did not work (but I'd definatley go that route again). Our oncologist and vet were extrememly supportive and helpful and I will be forever thankful to them for the help they gave Rebel and ourselves. The oncologist helped us with a diet for Reb and I think that helped him as well. When initially diagnosed (after the chemo did not take), we thought he would only have a few weeks - this turned out to be around 18 months and it was 'quality' life for Reb.

We had a couple of side effects from the Pred - increased urination (easy to cope with) and increased hunger. Ended up feeding him several time a day, vey small meals. There were signs of pica for a little while - he was attracted to paper, but that did not last very long.

<<<<< Hugs >>>>>>

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I am so sorry to hear that Titus has cancer. There have been many on the board here that have had dogs with Lymphoma. So a search and contact them. I know that there is a cancer diet that they have talked about. I have also read to cut the carbs, because cancer feeds on carbs. I hope that he will be in remission soon.

Positive vibes from all of us here.



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Titus & Cheryl, I am so sorry for this diagnosis. I hope that it has been caught early enough for a good prognosis. Please know you guys are in my thoughts and prayers. Love & kisses from me & mine.

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I am so sorry Cheryl! Please do a search for Caesar and Lymphoma and you will find tons of info about diet and dealing with chemo. Although your protocol sounds a bit different than ours, cytoxan - the toxic pill - as we used to call it (hence the rubber gloves!) was one of the drugs in the big C's protocol. Make sure you have eliminated all the carbs from his diet and check out the list of supplements we gave C during the chemo. Aside from having the runs every so often, C never got sick from chemo, just tired. I attribute this 100% to the supplements we used and his diet changes. We are sending positive vibes for a speedy long lasting remission!! Feel free to PM me with any questions.



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OH, I'm so sorry. :( I don't have any experience with this, but we do wish you and Titus all the best!!

Healing vibes and sloppy boxer kisses ~~~

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So Sorry for Titus

We had this experience with out 7 year old boxer mix. We found her cancer at age two and we were able to give her 5 years of additional life and most of that was quality, she did, however, have a couple of episodes in between. The night before we decided to have her euthanized I stayed up with her all night and laid beside her, she became comatose and could not move, but Irronically enough when it was time to go she jumped right up and went to the car and when we got to the vets she would not let me carry her in she walked in and went through the door and right to the examining room that we always used, it was almost like she was telling us I am ready to go. I held her head in my arms and she was looking me right in the eyes as she went into a deep sleep, I kissed her on the head and I know everyone in the medical building could hear me sob, it was the most heart wrenching experience I have ever had and I will never forget it nor will I ever regret it. I wish for you many more years of quality life for your boy.


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I am so sorry to hear the news. We are sending our best healing vibes to Titus in hopes that he can combat these demons for many years to come!


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Titus update!

Is it possible Titus could be responding so soon to his lymphoma treatment? When I got home last night, after he settled down from beaning, jumping and burning around with his toy, I was able to examine his neck. The nodes were noticably smaller! Same with the one under his left rear leg. It went from being the size of a peach to maybe a small walnut. I was hoping for a quick response, so this was a pleasant surprise! He took the second of his "toxic pills" this morning. So far, no adverse reactions to treatment. I noticed he does drink a lot more and after reading threads here on this subject, it seems to be a side affect of the Prednisone. Thanks everyone for your warm words and wishes. Maybe those BW vibes are working!
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