Thundershirt for Anxiety

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We just got our Thundershirt today. Diesel (our rescue) is a nervous dog and is terrrified of storms. We are going to try it out during our next storm. Will let you know how it works!


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Please let us know...I have been wondering how well it works. Right now I use a D.A.P collar for my male who has issues with thunderstorms and fireworks.


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Since I got one for Arabella she actually slept thru the last storm! Make sure read the instructions about acclimating him to the shirt before a storm rolls thru. Arabella wasn't fully prepared for the first storm and I thought I may have to return, but the last few storms she has been great. Good Luck!


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yes. have him used to it. make him wear it when he is already relaxed.
good luck!

i would say it's not magical for Snatch, but it does reduce his reaction quite a bit!


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Yes, definitely put it on him for short periods every day before putting it on him during a storm. Otherwise if he ONLY wears it during storms, he'll soon build a negative association with it and the shirt will be a cue that a storm is coming... which won't help the anxiety!

I have an Anxiety Wrap for Juno, which is basically the same thing... she doesn't have thunderstorm phobia but we use it in other capacities, and it does settle her down. Hope it works for you. :)
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