Thug Boxer

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Boxer Buddy
So two days ago my BF, Aron, was sitting on the couch with our boy Ozric. Aron takes off his little knit stocking cap and decides that Ozric needs to wear it. Amazingly enough Oz complies, so I take my sunglasses and tuck them in under the hat. We about lost our s@$t laughing so hard. He looked like a total thug. I was expecting him to throw me a gang sign or something. Luckily since he was next to dad, he stayed there long enough for me to snap a few pics. I'll have to upload them tonight.


Boxer Insane
Can't wait to see those pics so I'll be checking back later on.

My daughters often dress Billy in glasses and a baseball cap - or sometimes a frilly baby sun hat - too cute


Super Boxer
Those are going to be some cute pics! I've tried putting stuff on Ali, but he just looks at me like "Mom what are you doing to me now!"
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