this is for those who's boxer sleep on the bed

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Nayla does the same thing. Then, in the morning,(5:45 like clock work) she gets up, stands over me, plasters her nose against my face and SNORTS! Well, I'm a teacher and today was my last day of school so I told her "no more dawn wake up calls"nonoicon
As if I am ever going to get to sleep in again!

Nayla-beautiful flashy brindle girl and alarm clock


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It's a normal dog thing. It goes way back to when dog would be making a nest a night. They would go round and round to get all the grass pointing in the same direction so that it would be more comfortable to lie on.:D


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Mine dont do that. But I do have to be sure I get in bed before my 2-or I wont have any room. They are such BED HOGS! :D


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Must be a boxer thing cause Bandi girls does it also !
And boy if ya have to move her its is a BIG deal and she never seems to get her nest fixed just right again all nite LOL

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Sasha's a bed-hog and a bed-head!!

Bed-hog: When she sees us shutting down everything for the night, she'll race into the bedroom to make sure she gets a 'prime' spot (which is usually on my side of the bed on top of all the pillows)! I end up moving her and then she'll circle around and plop down where she sees fit.

Bed-head: She loves to sleep in! As long as we stay in bed, she'll just snuggle right up to one of us and HEAVY SIGH go right back to sleep. Sometimes, she'll even bury her head under the covers or a pillow ("too bright out there Ma!") :LOL:

Harley hasn't figured out how to get up on the bed yet (we have a rather tall bed). More likely than not, the people who owned him previously did not allow him on the bed (or even in the house for that matter). He just looks at us like we've lost our mind when we invite him up!!



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My male doesn't go through this exercise, too much energy, he just plops down for the night. Our female has done this since she was one, we call it nesting, like she's building a nest for herself, fluffing up the bedding to stay warm for the night.:rolleyes:

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Sideways in the bed!!!

I can deal with the circle dance ritual every night, but why does it have to end with 87lbs of Goliath SIDEWAYS in the bed..I keep trying to explain to him that if he's going to sleep in the people bed, he has to sleep like people...but the most comfortable spot always seem to be sideways.....Yeah, you guessed it...WE'RE learning to sleep sideays too!!!!! sleepicon sleepicon


I read somewhere that dogs go in circles before bedtime because they have to curve there spine a certain amount in order to lie comfortably. Usually older dogs are less flexible and need to circle more.

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Wow Deejay that makes sence....thanks :)

Debbie I know what you mean....Rayna and I have had lots of talks about her sleeping sideways in the husband loves it though because she makes me sleep on my side...he says i dont SNORE anymore :eek: how rude of him :LOL:
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