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I'm so sorry, but I don't remember who it is who owns several beagles, or I'd ask for you by name. I remember that someone posts who has a boxer, horses, and several beagles. My question is relating to the beagles. I recently got a lemon and white beagle puppy from the pound, and although she's almost 10 months old now, and spayed, she is absolutely the most hyper dog I've ever seen in my life! I honesly don't think she ever sleeps! She's very sweet, but LOTS OF TROUBLE!! How do your beagles act, and how old were they before they calmed down? Any info you have about their behavior would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! Julie
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I think the Lady's name is Jess...( I hope I am not wrong)

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Hi Julie,

Beagles can be a real handful. They are very stubborn and only listen when it suits their needs for the most part. We've had Digger our three year old male since he was a puppy and he still has accidents in the house if I or my husband are even a half hour late in getting home. I crate trained all of my beagles and they tend to mellow out by around two or two in half years old. Gunner and Spike are just over a yr old and are Digger and Carols pups. Carol comes in only at night and the two boys usually stay out with her during the day in a 50 x60 foot fenced in area that has an opening to the barn. Carol will never be a normal dog as she lived in what amounted to a rabbit pen before I got her. She was bred to my male who is vet checked and from working champion lines and is also a field champion himself Carol was also vet checked and from champion lines. I thought we had covered all the bases and the guy gave me some crock of how the dog was a house pet and all the other BS. well to make a long story short Carol was brought to my house to be bred to Digger right then I should have been a little weery but he said he didn't want us to have to drive all the way to NY. Well anyways I convinced my husband to drive to NY after a couple of weeks so I could see where the pups would be living and thank god to this day I did. He had about 50-60 beagles all in small pens off the ground. I asked him how much he wanted for carol because I couldn't have the pups I was partly responsible for live like that and he said 1500.00 I ended up bringing her home for 500.00. Sorry got off track there anyways they mellow out when they are about two but can still have days when they get bored and become destructive. I don't crate Digger any longer and most of the time he is good but he does still slip up. They are a good breed of dog but so many of them end up in shelters because they are so difficult to train. People think they are adorable and get them for their kids but when the dog is 8 months or older and still having accidents they get dumped at shelters. Food and praise are the biggest rewards and training aids. If you want any advice you can e-mail me at I can give you some great ideas but it would take up way to much space here. Don't worry they do get better they just take a really long time to adjust.

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