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I have fed raw a couple times before and have always ended up back on kibble. Last time i fed raw, my female (Annie) was having bloody stools. Sometimes her stool would look like nothing but blood. My boy Tucker, would have black (which the vet said was blood) stool and vomit. I started to think it was the chicken/turkey and instantly thouht allergy. But then it started happening with bison, venison and beef as well. I had fed him pork a few times and he gets canned jack mackeral quite often and never had the same effect.

A friend brought up to me that they may be having complications because they still had access to kibble. So maybe it wasn't allergies, and it was the mix of raw/kibble. I can't pick up the kibble because i live with my uncle who free feeds his 3 boxers and its imposible to keep my pups out of his kibble. Another problem that was brought to my attention was that i was feeing primarily chicken quarters. I was told that this is too much bone. The main meats i fed were chicken quarters and whole cut up turkeys. So i was wondering if some one could help me figure out the proper way to feed raw. what is the correct meat/bone ratio and how much organs do they need? Do they need fish once a week? Can they have fish more often? Is yougurt, cottage cheese and eggs a good thing to feed with a raw diet? How often should they have variety of meats? I think i need to go back to the basics on learning about raw. I'm really wanting to try raw again when my boyfriend and i move in March and I hope to have much success with it this time.

Any advice is appriciated!
Thanks in advance!


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I agree with your friend that the chicken quarter was to much for your dogs. That is were I started my two but when they started throwing up bone every night I realized that was not correct :) So we switched to chicken breasts. They quite throwing up and there stool started looking a bit more normal. Not to hard but not overly soft either. Of course they did have diarrhea alot in the beginning because of there system having to fix its self from the kibble.

We did about 3-4 weeks of straight chicken then when I had their stools under control we added beef very slowly over the next few weeks. After that was good we added turkey. We are still in that transition. We will not be adding any liver or such until after we are done with introducing turkey.

I suggest you find a raw feeding group on yahoo. They have been a wealth of information and keeping me from freaking out and stopping when we have set backs.

I hope this helps. Good luck on the change over. Your pups will love you for it.


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I just started using Darwins raw pet food for my boys because it contains organs and is ground up so there are no bone issues. It has some veggies as well. I like it because they have an organic and free range recipe available and it's all human grade. I'm big on avoiding having my dogs consume pesticides or beef from grain fed cattle. The dogs seem to love it and do better than when I prepared raw myself. I dont find it to really be more expensive and the variety is good. Might be worth looking into.
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