They keep going and going and going and

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For those of you who have 2 boxers... Do they ever stop playing? I know that they are still excited about each other but they have been non stop for 4 days... Do they calm down after a while? :LOL: Just wondering.


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Ha ha, do they stop :LOL: ha ha ha
Emma and Spencer have mistaken my house for the "party-zone, where the fun never ends."


HEHEHE...Does it ever stop...I keep asking myself that too!
Just kidding. They do settle down after a couple of weeks together. Don't get me wrong there will still be plenty of playing but they will take breaks more often.
isn't it fun to watch them play though!!
I just got my second boxer about a month ago and they do calm down. I love it because they go through spurts,play sleep play eat sleep, I find life alot easier with the two.


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My two seem to play and then eat and nap together. They do stop. Now that I am taking them to the off leash park twice a day, they don't do much playing in the house. The come in, eat and collapse into a snoring symphony :)



From the time their eyes open until the time I turn the bedroom light off my girls are playing. I literally have to take the toy out of Casey's mouth before bedtime.

Christine Stull

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Matilda has boundless energy! She plays by herself after she tires out everyone else in the house. She espescially loves her basketball. She finally chewed a big hole in it yesterday. I guess it's time for a new one.

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Alright the more I am on here the more I want another- my hubby is trying to forbid me from getting on here- says it makes me doggy crazy, BUT wait a minute--- I ALREADY AM BOXER CRAZY!!!:) Gotta get another quickly! You all sound busy and it just sounds like a lot of FUN FUN FUN to me!;)
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