The Story of Duke

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I am a volunteer at a local animal shelter and help with training them and helping them become more adoptable by use of positive methods. I have met thousands of dogs and bonded with many of these unfortunate animals who end up in the shelter. One particular Sunday, I was making my rounds with the dogs in the shelter when I came across a scared boxer mix. He was so scared that the 60 pounds of him was shaking in fear. The minute I stepped into his kennel I knew he ws my dog. After getting in the kennel with him, he was immediately at ease. After working with him I realized he was already obedience trained and got the idea that he would make the perfect therapy dog. One month after I adopted him, he was a certified therapy dog, earned his C.G.C, and we now visit elders at a local nursing home regularly. I am surprised that not one person came to look for this wonderful dog during his 4 day hold as a stray. All I have to say to that is he was meant to be with me.


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Just goes to show that sometimes those precious little pound babies are the diamonds in the rough....thank you for sharing that sweet story! I love those pics of Duke in the tub, by the way!!!

;) Handsome little darling....

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