The story of Beau (Long)

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My husband and had discussed getting a dog sometime in the distant future, but we couldn't agree on where to get a dog, what kind of dog, etc. He wanted 1) a boxer 2) female 3) ears cropped 4) tail docked

On a Sunday in April 2005 DH and the kids went to visit family and I stayed home because I wasn't feeling 100%. After they were gone, I started feeling anxious, like I needed to go somewhere. The somewhere turned out to be the local SPCA. I had never been there, didn't even know where it was. But after about 2 hours of feeling anxious because I hadn't gone, I got out the phone book and called and got directions.

When I got there, they had SO many dogs. I walked all the way through and was going to leave and feeling a little let down. Then I saw a sign that said, "More Dogs" and an arrow. I figured, what the heck and went there. I will always remember this. I walked in the room, and about 3 cages down there was this "beautiful" (to me) boxer boy. For a minute I just stood there staring, and there he was just looking at me, and sitting so regally in that cage like he had been waiting for me. The rest is a blur. I got someone to get him out so I could see him better and see how he would act. Then, without thinking and without consulting DH, I adopted him. I took him home and waited to face the music when DH came home. Here I was with this walking skeleton, extremely dirty dog. When DH came home, I just handed him the leash and said, "He meets 3 out of 4 of your requirements". DH just looked and looked at Beau. He fell in love immediately.
The next day we took Beau to the vet. People in the waiting room were very nasty because they thought we were starving our dog, he was so terribly thin. Turns out he had whipworms very badly. He got very very sick a week later and had to do an emergency visit. We were very scared we were going to lose him. But he's all better now and we love him so much. He's such a good boy and so sweet.

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Hey, three out of four ain't bad.(Isn't that from a Meatloaf song?)

What a touching story about Beau. He was meant to be with you and your family. Thanks you for saving this very handsome guy, who looks a lot like Mr. December on my boxer calender.

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What a cool story :D I can relate because thats how I saw Lily, out of a whole lot of caged dogs, there she was. She caught my eye with all those kidney beans and the rest is history! Its funny how all your requirements/expectations just go out the window when you see your perfect dog :D


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That was a great story and I'm sure Beau is so happy to have you all as his family. In a round a bout way that's sort of how we got our Heidi, too. :)


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What a great story. I say everything happens for a reason! I am happy to hear he is doing great now that he is in a loving home :)


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What a great story! You guys are going to have so much fun together! I'm glad you found each other!

Our Lily had whipworms too, those are nasty things!

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I absolutly love hearing stories like that. I truly believe that dogs are aware who is for them and who isn't. He was waiting for you all along and that is a wonderful thing.
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