The President just waved at me!

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Bush is in town meeting with Mayor Daley and I am walking down the street with two of my coworkers, sandwiches in hand. His motorcade was heading down the street and the three of us were alone on one side of the street and he leaned over and waved!

I feel so patriotic!

sandy oakey

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Lucky you:) My brother is Secret Service and works at the White House. He said the atmosphere around the White House is so much better now he actually enjoys going to work. He never talked about it too much but we knew he didn't hold Clinton in too high a regard (Who could?) Anyway he did say that Hillary had the foulest mouth he ever heard on a woman. I think the Bush's will bring a little dignity back to the White House.


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Sandy, thanks for your post! I love when someone has something nice to say! :)

The Hillary thing cracks me up!!!! Cusses like a sailor huh? :LOL: How very lady-like!


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Isn't it special to have the President wave to you? I work directly across the street from the downtown heliport in NYC. Every time a President comes here to address the UN or to meet with city or foreign dignataries they land the presidential helicopter right there. There is a park next to my building where, during the nice weather, I often eat lunch, and have seen and been waved to by former President Clinton a few times. While I am anything but a fan of the former President it's still a thrill to be acknowledged by our Commander in Chief. I may not (and don't) respect the man I do respect the office. It'll mean so much more to me when President Bush does it. A man that I do respect.



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