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I had my beige couch recovered, since beige is not a good color when you have 2 boxers! I had it done in a red micro suede, this fabric is supposed to withstand it all!! HAHA
The minute the guys brought it in and set it down Cassius began to rub his body all over the front of it--but that wasnt enough--then he jumped on it and began the big rub a dub all over it--he was so excited and rubbing his head so vigorously that he did a sommersault on it.
What a funny guy!


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Micro suede, you are brave! :eek:

We are planning on getting a new couch after Christmas (out of necessity) It will be vinyl/leather combination.... Hannah is still known to rip a cushion off the old one and chew the stuffing underneath, so I am VERY scared about getting a new one.

I will die if she trashes it! (and chances are hubby will kill her too) ;) Just kidding....


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I got an entire new living room set after I got Charlie. The one I had was about 10 years old so it was time anyway. The cute Jackhammer, where they bounce on something till it pops up, Charlie did this to the cushions and ate them when he was mad as a puppy when we went out and left him in the house alone, even if only for an hour, he took on the couch and the love seat and he won! So, when it got to being beyond repair and covering it just wasnt going to cut it, I went off looking. The sales people in every store said get leather, 250 pounds pressure point surely he wouldnt gouge it. Now personally, I dont like sitting on leather, too cold in the winter and if you get hot in the summer.....ew. And the concept of a giant raw hide couch scared me. They then recommended the microfiber, least I'm pretty sure that's what it's called. In any case, takes alcohol and water to clean it off or they say noxema, though I've only used alcohol. It's stood up to Charlie and his power jumping (yes my animals have always been allowed on the furniture heck they nearly own it) and sure enough it cleans up with water and with really tough stains (gf spilled a glass of wine on it and charlie has bled on it after getting fixed) alcohol and water. So, if you have a rambunctious or even just a solidly built dog....this is a very great material to have! Not to mention the cushions are sewn in on two out of three of the set I have. The third is the love seat and I didnt have the patience to wait for it to be ordered and if it was not going to come in miss buying the match so I snagged it and it's a clingy material so the cushions dont flop out even if he were to bounce. And it hasn't marred from him jumpin or waving a paw at it.
So, if you are entertaining a notion of new furniture around your puppy or dog it comes highly recommended.


My dad just bought a whole new living room set in completely authentic leather- the first day Samson came over he scratched the ottoman... he will probably scratch more in the future- even though he doesnt go on the furniture over there (my dad & stepmom are snobby!) anyways, leather may not poke through, or stain, but it definitely gets scratched- and for the amount of $$$ you spend on authentic leather- it might tick you off a bit to have it scratched...


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not to bust anyones bubble but we too were told that microfiber was the way to go with big dogs and while the cleaning is very easy, etc. before we had the furniture paid off (1 yr from the time we bought it) it already has a tear from our 2 babies, and we cut nails every 2 weeks. it also has a cushion that is tearing in the seams from all the jumping from the girls and wrestling on the couch. they are now confined to the floor when wrestling, if they start on the couch they have to cont on the floor - they are still of course allowed on the couch but only for sleeping and cuddling.
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