the moon had influence to the dog?

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Avra yesterday (monn eclipes and full moon-Europe Asia and
Africa) all day she is very nervous,very catastrophic,eat her bed ,flowers,bark,chasing the cat.
today she is fine again.

Avra-white female -29-06-2000

Betty's mom

Maybe that's why Betty was freaking out last night! She wanted to sleep but not in her kennel.
It never fails to amaze us that everyday is different! One night she goes to sleep right off the bat angelicon and then the next it seems like someone is beating smashicon her inside her kennel!
What's up with that?


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Anyone who has read my thread on sun signs knows that I absolutely believe that the moon can influence your dog. But that is not simply based on my belief in astrology. It is scientific that animals are very sensitive to atmospheric influence and I would BET that your dog was influenced by the placement of the sun, moon, and Earth the other day. Even some people feel out of sorts during astrological events but can't quite put their finger on why. I find it easy to 'blame it on the moon'.

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