The "Meanest" Dog

Would you consider rescuing a dog with an aggressive history?

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My "rescue" golden is male dog agressive, fortunately my boxer is female. He can be either good or not so good with others, I have to watch him closely. He does love cats though, usually with ketchup. :)


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What a wonderfull so nice to see the possitve side of live, when usually all we read about is the negitive !!!

Please give Sprocket a huge hug from us !!!



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what a great tale (tail!)

Boxer people know they are the goofiest of dogs, people that don't know say they look mean. I wish everyone could know what wonderful dogs they are but then again, we would have to deal with ignorant, selfish people trying to make money on something too good to be true. I adopted an older (9) boxer in June after my beloved Sophie died in Feb. She is wonderful, my third boxer and just as sweet, dopey and all I could want or need. Thank you for looking alittle deeper- sounds like you got a keeper too! Good luck and love to your family.


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I read Sprockets story and it turned my heart over. I thought I would follow up and see how he's doing, but Sprocketmom hasn't posted since June and then Sprocket had heartworm. Sprocketmom, if you are still reading here i sure people would like to know how Sprocket is doing. He sounds like the most wonderful dog and I really hope he is OK (and you too)


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Yes I Did

Zoe is a rescue girl. She was quite agressive when we got her. She was also very resistant to pretty much anything we asked her to do. With a lot of love and guidance, she has turned out to be the best. She is such a well behaved baby now. Congatulations to you for your rescue. I hope all goes well and I am sure it will.


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All Is Well

Hello Sprocket-Fans! :)
Well, my "mean" dog is doing well. He is heartworm pos. But he was in the first stages and instead of doing the aggressive treatment, we went with a less painful, more economical treatment. He is on Heartguard and takes it regularly. Over time, the docs say it will kill off the heartworms. It may take up to a year. But at least sprocket is not on bedrest and put through pain un-neccessarily (sp?).

We have brought another boxer into our home through rescue and she is getting on great with Sprocket. So that makes three boxers now living in our home. YOWZA! Although, the puppy will need to find a home soon before I become attached to her.

Thank you all for reading about him and being so great! What a wonderful Boxer Family I have here!

Much Love and Boxer Hugs!


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With all those boxers i can see why you haven't posted in a while :)

We are very happy that Sprocket is doing well
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