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Would you consider rescuing a dog with an aggressive history?

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I lost my first Boxer in February. She was a Fawn named Ginger. My husband is currently serving in the middle east and was gone when this happened. So I helped my chidren (and myself) deal with this terrible loss.
I didnt even want another boxer right away. One day, while sitting at work I looked at the newpaper and there was an ad for a Boxer male who needed a good home and honestly, the ad said nothing 'glittery' or 'super - fantastic'. Yet, I knew I had to call. But I left it at that and I went home without that paper. But the feeling that I should call persisted. I didnt have the paper at my home either, so I went online to look at the classifieds for that ad. I found it! And I called... It was a dog named Sprocket, who had been rescued from the vets office. He was heartworm positive and his owner had him treated, on the last day of his treatment though, she called and asked the vet to have him put to sleep. :-( The girl at the vets office happened to know someone who would rescue this boy. He was rescued within a day of his scheduled 'termination'. Reportedly, he fights with other dogs. He was raised with a gold retreiver and I dont believe either of the dogs were ever spayed/neutered. Well, now that he was an adult, he obviously became possesive and territorial. So there was some conflict between the two animals. Rescue had further problems with this behavior when he got into a fight with a wolf dog and nearly finished her. So he was labeled as a mean animal. That was when he went to the rescue that I got him from.
The lady explained to me that he cannot be LIVING with any other dogs. The first rescue-er also said that he should not be near any children. I spent alot of time talking to the rescue lady and we made visits to her home, me and my children. My daughter is 3 and my son is 5. Sprocket LOVES kids. He never had ANY issues with the kids. He came home with us eventually and the rescue lady was so gracious and so considerate. She wouldnt even consider us fully adopting him until I had him for a while to be sure he was a good fit. He has been here ever since. He not only gets along well with my children, but he protects them. He tells them goodnight with me by getting up in their beds at night and 'kissing' them goodnight. Also, he doesnt jump on them (which is good for a boxer! lol). He has the best manners and has NO accidents inside. He waits by the door to go and he is crate trained. Not one problem. The only time I hear him bark is if the door bell rings. He sleeps beside me and he can heel when we walk, he can catch food in his mouth, he wears clothes my daughter (and even me) dress him in. He even has a rain coat and some sunglasses, too. Not bad for a mean and terrible viscious attack dog, huh? He loves accessories. He loves to play with me outide and he also loves to sit and hear a story at night. He is another child and my 3 year old thinks so too. lol She covers him with ridiculous hats and shirts and blankets, just like a giant baby doll. I tell you what, I have never owned a fier animal. I would never even consider putting my children at risk for anything. But something in me said to go and see this dog. He needed a chance. They all do. He isnt a bad attack animal after all. He simply is not a 'dog person'! lol He loves cats though. and he loves to look at fish. He takes care of us. I dont know if he knows that I helped save him. But I think he knows he helped save us.

My neighbors love him and this past weekend they began fostering their first boxer from the same rescue lady, Lisa. They now have a little white female boxer who needs a good place to go... but you know, something tells me she wont have to go far. Because they love her already.

God Bless the Rescues!


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What a great story! You have a really big heart and a lot of trust & patience to get through all the BS and give this sweet misunderstood dog a home. How lucky he is to have met you! Woo-woo for rescues & rescuers!

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That is such a wonderful story! Kudos to you for looking past what was 'said' about this baby and seeing for yourself and giving him another chance. And congratulations Sprocket for finding such a wonderful, loving home!

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Congrats for giving Sprocket a chance


I am sure rescues have to be careful where children are involved. My girl Tessa is pretty anti-dog but I am never afraid of her with people.



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Great story, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, but mostly thank you for sharing your life with Sprocket.


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I chose "maybe", but i would have chosen yes, if I did not already have Rico. knowing that the dog was agressive with other dogs, I dont think they would be a good match. But if I was in your situation i think I would!! I am I so happy to hear you did, congrats on your addition to the family and thank you for helping Sprocket, for all of us that wish we could, but can't...xoxo


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I am so glad to hear that Sprocket got a second chance with your family! :) I am jealous too since Mason will NOT let me put anything, even a bandana, on him! :LOL:


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what a proud momma! its so wonderful when you can help. It was like that for Tyson, he is aggressive with his toys, he also gets horribly mean with beef bones (so he doesnt get those anymore) he shakes and growls at me and hubby. He even jumped on hubby when we first got him and snapped because hubby didnt know how to act around a dog that didnt know him. They both got over it and although Tyson has issues with bones (as I say again he just doesnt get those now) he has lightened up loads with his toys and is now great with other dogs. To think I found him at the Humane Society.

One mans garbage is another mans treasure is very true.

Although I prefer:
One mans ignorance should not be tolerated. Let someone who will treat a dog like treasure have him and let him shine like the gold he is.

so glad to hear you got your gold



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They know

SprocketMom said:
I dont know if he knows that I helped save him. /QUOTE]

Three of my four dogs are rscues/adoptees and I get the feeling they all know. The first dog I adopted is a very large 125 lbs. mix who had aggression issues but has acted from day one as if he knew that's why he was being passed off. He is extremely loveable and loyal as well as being very low mantainence and although part of me wanted a semi-aggressive dog this behavior dissappeared rather quickly once I got him home. My second adopted dog came from the local shelter and was turned in for a variety of behaivioral issues that I barely saw before he settled in and have never seen since with the exception of one. Although he lives with two other males and will play with any stray male that visits he will not tolerate them in my presence. I've seen him play for an hour on the front lawn with the same visiting male on several occasions without incident but as soon as I step in to the picture Spike will attack the very dog he was just playing with every single time. The last one I adopted because she was being given up due to her aggression towards people. She was fine with kids, other dogs and most women but would attack any man she saw. She even had her owner/dad bluffed/scared in to playing by her rules. I went to visit her for the first time while considering adopting her and she was extremely aggresive towards me and even bit (more of a nip) me; and that was after I spent a couple of hours trying to get to know her. I had to take her out of her old home muzzled (a first for me) but she too seemed to get the sense that I was her last chance also and quickly turned from terror to terriffic. She had/has seperation issues, fear issues and the like but once recognized and dealt with she's just fine. She will still put on a good show for a strange man but it's hard to take her serious anymore with her butt wiggling so fast. Dogs are very much a product of their enviornment and once in the right controlled situation they can become very different dogs almost instantly at times. I'd have to say I like my adopted dogs best; they seem to know what their future could have held and I find they give back much more. I also like to take the one's with issues that are harder to place for the same reason. They just seem to be grateful and thus easier to train and a lot more loving. I know Boxers are very expressive in the faces they make normally but I'd swear that Pheobe is giving me a "thank you" face each night before we go to bed.
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