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Our story starts out with our 6 year old reminding us daily that we had promised him that when we finally bought our own house we could get a dog. Well, the ink was not yet dry on the papers of our new house when we knew that there was no escaping it.

We wanted to make the right choice because this was probably the biggest decision that we had made as a family( yes, even bigger than the new house. You can always get a new house if the old one doesen't work out,right?)

Long story short, we live in Canada, we decided on a boxer and had someone from Canadian Boxer Rescue come out and visit us to see if this breed was right for us. He boy( lovely white boxer named Chance) came into our house, ripped around the place, chased the kids, licked us till we were wet,then collapsed on the couch!! This is definately the breed for us!! We told the girl that we would just keep him if she wanted, but she did't fall for that one.
The bad part was that we were approved but there were no boxers available, in fact there was a long wait list. Well, knowing that we would be disowned by our son if we waited any longer, I let Chantelle know that the situation was desperate and she suggested that we might consider adopting from LA Boxer Rescue in California.

We e mailed back and forth a few times and they sent me some pictures of available boxers that they thought might work well in out family, and within a month Chantelle and I were on a plane to LA to find our new family member.
Diego was not one of the dogs that they had sent us pics of, I considered each of those dogs but for one reason or another, they just didnt fit.
Diego is a male red brindle with the tiger stripes, I of course desprately wanted a fawn.I was getting overloaded looking for that special someone, so decided to help out and walk some dogs who had not been out yet that day.I walked a few and then finally walked a dog named lucky who we would rename Diego.He was boney, thin, loud, chewed his crate and didn't seem to have any manners at all as he drug me down the street. Then I stopped to talk to one of the rescue workers outside and something happened. He sat down on my foot and leaned up against my leg like a child, as if we had been together for his whole life. I continued to talk as I noticed this relaxation drift over him, he was just who I wanted. I could hardly contain myself as I knew that I wanted this boy, but I did not know anything about him. I ask Ursula ( the unbelievably generous, extrodinary founder of this amazing shelter)what his story was and she explained that he had come in from a shelter downtown and was abandoned there a few weeks earlier. HE WAS TOTALLY AVAILABLE!!!
I went to the bathroom and called my husband and kids. I could hardly breathe. I found him...

The rest is history. I hate the people that had him before us, I don't think that he has any memories of them, but I think that they just locked him in a small roon and left him there. He has gained a good amount of weight and muscle in the year(1 yr anniversary in March) that we have had him and he takes up most of the couch. The kids love him and he couldn't be a better boy for our family. The wait was long, the trip was far, but sometimes perfection takes some planning. Whenever he does something that makes me angry, I just pull up the LA Boxer Rescue site and look at all of the dogs on there that are waiting to have their own couch to sleep on and there own floor to pee on and it makes everything in my house okay again.

If you have a chance to get over to LA Boxer Rescue in Burbank, maybe you could take a dog for a walk, you never know who you might meet.
Thanks for letting me share our long story,



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What a wonderful story, brought tears to my eyes. I am very happy and you and Diego found each other!!


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Aaahhh that is such a great story!! I love the lean!! Congrats on the addition to your family!! Can't wait to see pictures!
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