The Day You Got Your Wings

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Boxer Insane
Not sure why, but this last week I have been having a hard time dealing with the loss of our Quincy this past June. Not sure why. This week has no special meaning of any sort, other than it is another week that he is no longer in our lives.
Maybe it's because I know that spring is around the corner and we always had so much fun with him outside when the snow was gone and the grass was green.
Anyways, I wrote this poem for him this morning.
I still miss our boy and I still cry for him as I am sure many of you also do for your babies that have gone to the bridge.

The Day You Got Your Wings

As I sit and write this note, my eyes, they shed a tear
Because I think of you my bud, who is no longer here.

The day you got your wings my friend is as clear as night and day
The pictures play back in my mind, they will not go away.

You came to us at 8 weeks old, so playful, full of zest.
But then one day, God called you home, so I laid you down to rest.

I had no time to say goodbye, it happened way to fast
I tried to comfort you my sweet as the breath you took, your last.

I held you in my arms my love, I cried for you my sweet
But you were gone, your body still, your heart no longer beat.

You were only three years old, I do not understand
Why God would want you at the Bridge, what was it He had planned.

Now as I sit with thoughts of you, I think I know the deal
God wanted you as much as I, because of your appeal.

He knew a Boxer as a dog, was strong and full of love
That's why he wanted you my dear, to guard His home above.

I'm sure that you are 'beaning', playing with the other girls and boys
And God is laughing at you as you try to steal their toys

You're at the Rainbow Bridge my love, and this I know for sure
Your safe, your warm, your happy, as God's love for you is pure.

So now I can take comfort, although the pain still clings
God wrapped his arms around you, the day you got your wings.

Godspeed my sweet Quincy.


Boxer Insane
Your love shines through so clearly. God bless your sweet boy and all the boxer angels.


Boxer Insane
))))Tears(((( That was beautiful. Watch over your mommy sweet angelicon. She misses you so much. Give my Abby a big slobbery kiss from her mommy.


Boxer Insane
(((tears))) Oh, what a beautiful poem, it went right to my heart! What a lucky boy Quincy was to be SO loved (and always will be), and to be remembered in such a special way. Those moments seem to come out of nowhere, and hit so hard. But you have taken it and written your heart out to your baby boy, and I bet he hears every word and feels your love. Sending you big hugs. We all understand. Sweet Quincy, watch over your mom and family, let them know you are safe in the warm arms of LOVE.


Boxer Insane
That is such a wonderful, sweet poem. Keep it close always and read it when you need to... it will help somewhat. Quincy was obviously very loved and he knew it.


Boxer Insane
I started reading your beautiful poem many times, but could never quite get through, because of my tears, until today. What a loving tribute to Quincy. Thank you for sharing thoughts.


Super Boxer
I'm absolutely weeping after having read this, but I know it's nothing compared to the tears you have shed over your sweet Quincy.

This was a wonderful tribute and I hope it brings you comfort while you are coping with your loss.
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