The Beach

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Baby steps are key... All my boxers were super-swimmers.

I always take puppies to the beach form a very early stage, I sit down where the waves hit and play with them, throw them balls, etc. - show them water is ok and super fun, by getting wet myself in very shallow water.

I am sure your baby will end up swimming with the best of them! Have fun!


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Thanks guys!

he is starting to play with the sprinkler now (which he wasnt doing before) running through it and acting like a dope! He is growing up so fast :(

Im sure with a bit of time he'll be the roughest toughest cuddle-monster at the beach, hunting down his prey and killing them with kisses!

(he had his first "guard dog" experience last night ^_^ our neighbours were having a party and he sat at the front door, watching and only having a little bark if one of the rowdy teens walked over the driveway... he is such a trooper dog!)


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We took Bodie and Ellie to a quiet private beach for the first time last week. Bodie is 16 months old and had never seen it. Ellie is 13 months old, she's a rescue, but I don't think she'd ever seen it either. We had no idea how they would react. They LOVED it from the start! We could not keep them out of it, or keep them from going in too deep when they were off leash. At first it was fun to watch them chase each other and wrestle in the water, but on the second day they discovered the seagulls and it was all over from there....they just kept chasing them, running down the beach, not listening to us, diving way too deep into the waves, and we about had a heart attack. So after two days they were kept on leash. Actually I wish they would have been afraid of it, would've made my vacation a lot more relaxing!
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