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My little boy went to the beach for the first time yesterday!

He was such a good boy, he was very social and friendly, very playful and very happy!

..... Until he saw the water!

He is just 13 weeks old and i would never force him in the water but is there any way i can encourage him to just step in the water along the edge? He went with Manzi (my partners border collie) and he usually follows her EVERYWHERE except in this instance haha.

He also used his nose like a bulldozer moving the sand... he was absolutely gorgeous!! haha

any ideas on how to get him in the water?

Chook x


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I agree give him time. If you get down on the pups level and look at waves coming in it can be a bit frightening. They can be as big as the pup. But then again, he may never like water. My boy Thor has never liked getting wet. My first girl Star would stay in forever! Time to leave the dog and I would literally have to go in and get her out of the lake or ocean! Arabella is pretty much the same way. Whether it is a beach or lake, I can't get them out. Now a bath tub....I have had to struggle to get any of them in. Go figure.


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It is great to expose them when they are young. Basically socializing them to water.

I certainly agree not to push it. All of ours have learned how to swim. We usually toss a floating ball or toy into the water in front of them and progressively further out of reach. Also helps if you are in the water as well. Take your time, eventually they get comfortable.

At 12 weeks, Jack was pretty fearless compared to our others. So with him we got in the water holding him securely and let him get his feet wet. We then let him play on shore for awhile, before going back out only a few feet. Held him, more immersion, while he splashed a foot or so toward shore. We kept supporting his belly until he could feel the bottom.

Both Jack and Layla absolutely love to go swimming. We have to be especially careful with Layla, she is too confident. Imagine my panic when one time at the lake she decided to chase a kayak as it went by and out into bigger currents. She ignored recall and came back only after realizing she couldn't keep up.


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I don't have any first hand experience since George just got home a couple days ago. However a buddy has two boxers and we took them to the lake while one of us was about 2 feet past the shore and called them. They would run iN until they hit the water then run back out. We would play that game for a while until they got comfortable.


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As a pup we had Cora get used to water in the backyard and in the tub. Her first time to the beach was 2 days before her first bday. She'd drink the water but not go in. What I did was go into the water (like others said), not far... but she couldn't resist getting in wanting to get to me. I just kept walking backwards a she did her doggy paddle after me. Was so quick. I'm glad I had the phone on my at least to record it (i didn't bring a camera because I wasn't expecting her to get it on the first trip out) because it took 2-3 passes and she was going in on her own to fetch sticks and her ball.

You won't see her race another dog into the water to fetch something though. She'll wait at the shore and try to steal the ball when the dog gets back tyvm :P

Its also scary going in too deep because she just loves to swim out to me and climb on top of me as i'm swimming. She wants to drown me. Looks a lot like the movie jaws, with us in the water... me desperately trying to get back to shore with her closing the gap lol.


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Raiden hasn't gone swimming too many times yet since it is still too cold here to hop in the river. He did experience it a couple of times before winter hit though. My border collie loves swimming in the river after sticks so it didn't take too long for Raiden to get up the courage to hop in with her. The first time he experienced it, he stood at the shore, jumping back each time the water came towards him then curiously walking back towards it. By the second time we went to the river (the day after the first experience .. a river goes through the dog park that we go to just about daily) he hopped right in chasing my other dog. I'm curious to see if he takes to it once it warms up again this year.

I wish we had beaches here for my pups to play at!

joeys mom

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Joey swims exactly like Cora...... he is a shark in the water. It is the funniest thing when we take him to the lake he cant stand for us to be in the water with out him so he will jump (and i do mean jump) into the water, swim out to use and if we are on a raft or boogie board he will grab it with his mouth and try to pull us to the shore. He was never afraid of the water as a pup. He will even dunk his head under the water to get a rock or the frisbee if it starts to sink :P
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