Thanks for the Austin, TX boxer bash!

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We had a great time

I agree, we need to do it again soon. Deuce had a great time playing with all of his new boxer friends -- he was very upset to leave :(

We'll probably head out to Bull Creek tomorrow for the meetup in the morning. I don't think Deuce is going to like his "regular" dog friends as much now that he knows how much fun it is to play with other boxers :)


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We had so much fun!

Yes, thanks for arranging the boxer meetup at Red Bud Isle - I had 2 very tired pooches for the trip back to SA! Would love to do it again soon! Petey and Bella loved all of their new friends.


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Bash at Bull Creek


I believe there is a bash at Bull Creek tomorrow at 10am. We're going to try to bring Deuce out -- if you need directions or anything, let me know. The more the merrier!


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I missed it too!!!

I'll have to keep an eye on these posts... I live in San Antonio and would love to go to a Boxer bash!!! Austin is a just a hop skip and a jump. Any get togethers planned for San Antonio anytime soon?


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Recently Locatedto Austin With Boxer In Hand

Hi everyone, I finally got to register on boxerworld. I just move from New Jersey to my new surroundings in Austin with my only son Mojo. He is the most handsome guy around,and he just turned 6mths. I would love to know when there are boxer meet-ups at any of the dog parks. Since I am new to the area (2wks), I would love to see many boxers in one place, Mojo would be so happy, he just loves hhis own kind. Also if someone recommend a really good obedience class to attend, I'll appreciate it so much. Thanks a millon. Bye for now.


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We do have another boxer meetup coming up in the first or second week of January...we moved here with our sasha just this june from pennsylvania so welcome! She is 11 months old and loves to play so I will double check the dates and location for the next get together and post it soon!!

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Obedience class recommendation

I would recommend Triple Crown Dog Training Academy if you are looking for obedience classes. They have a great set of classes which they do on Saturdays - you buy 10 classes and you can attend any Saturday you just need to know which class you are on. They publish a schedule which shows the time for each class and every Saturday every class is run at a different time.
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