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I am going to get Princess spayed at six months. I got her from a byb and am soooo worried about the possibilities of something wrong with her. Even though I won't be breeding her is it possible to get tests done to check for any potential problems? Things that I might be able to do some preventative things for? Any help/advice would be appreciated.



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You can get tests done if you want. Some vets may give you a hard time about it, if she's not showing symptoms, but if you tell them that you're not sure about her background and you want to catch any potential problems before they are devastating they should back off. (If not, remind them that it's *your* money and if they don't want to take it you can always find another vet who will!) There really aren't preventive measures to take, but if she's got a problem with her heart or thyroid there is medication if needed, and if there's an issue with her hips you'll know not to stress her joints or grow her too quickly, etc.

It is quite expensive, and most people do not recommend it for non-breeding animals unless there is a problem, but if you would rather have the tests done for your own peace of mind, there is no reason not to.
Many vets will offer a pre-anthestic blood work up. This usually costs around $50 and tests for various blood levels. It can catch a lot of abnormal things which can help diagnose problems.

Maybe if you are looking for piece of mind this is a good idea?
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