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Hello boxer buddies. I am seriously considering switching my almost 2 year old male to raw. He has had constant issues on kibble. The last bag he was on is TOTW roasted lamb (on for 1 year) started having gurgling tummy issues and some vomiting about a month ago so we switched to Fromm grain free wild game bird. Was ok for about 1 week and now the same issues again.
I am not positive this is a kibble issue but I dont know what else it could be.
My biggest question is if he has constant tummy upset, loose stools and occasional vomiting will this be worse for him in the beginning or should I just go for it?
I will start with chicken backs for the first week or two...


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Hi MichBoxerMom!

My 2 year, 4 month old boy has a big allergy & atopy problem - allergies to many foods & environmental influences. He is on immunotherapy, with significant improvement, BUT I have been investigating & reading everything I can find about raw. At Tucker's check-up visit, as my vet & I discussed his progress & continued plan, I sort of cringed & then asked her what she thought about feeding raw. She actually grinned & said "I love it!" So... a week ago today, Tucker started eating raw & he loves it! I will admit, until about the 3rd day, I was still "I can't believe we're doing this" - but he looks at me every time as if he's saying "thanks, mom"....

So far, going ok - still in the "his system is adapting" stage, obviously, but doing well. I say, "go for it!" Wishing you good things with this!! I'm heading off to my meat store for chicken thighs on sale for 99 cents/lb!


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If he already has gurgling stomach, loose stools, and occasional vomiting, then switching to raw *probably* won't be any worse. Some dogs have a harder time switching, some adapt right away. My last dog Toby ate Purina dog chow for 14 years (I did not know any better) and then I switched him cold turkey to raw. He had no issues at all except for seriously paint-peeling gas for about two weeks. I mean it was awful, and I would have to leave the room! But no loose stools or anything, just gas. After a few weeks that went away and a host of other improvements began. His dandruff went away, his breath became sweet (it had been so bad it would make you gag, I thought it was a broken tooth that needed pulled), and his arthritis seemed to hurt a little less. He lived two more years after switching and I think perhaps he would have made 18 if he had eaten raw most of his life instead of the Purina!


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I will start with chicken backs for the first week or two...
Switching to raw is the best thing that you can do. I would remove most of the skin as it is very fatty. Some backs come with a lot of skin attached to them.

Good luck!


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Yes on removing skin at the start. Once he has accepted the chicken without the skin, can start to add the skin back in until you are up to the amount you'd find on any chicken, then you can stop skinning :). You have no idea how happy I was to finally stop skinning chicken legs lol

I assume you've done some reading and understand how to add different meats, organs, liver?
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