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Hi, i have 2 boxers, one white and one fawn, when i take them out to the park to let them go swim and play, my fawn one will only go knee deep in the water, i think the deep water scares him, but the white one, he is just nuts, he likes to dive in off the bank, he will go underwater and look around, and just have a good old time. does anyone elses boxer like to go underwater or is it just mine?


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My boxers HATE going under the water and normally only go ankle deep in the water. They'd rather take a shower! grin2icon


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Just today i took Nitro in one of the pond close to where i live. But as usual as soon as that water touched his chest he'll stop lol. The only difference today is he'll put his head under the water for few seconds then look at me and do it again. One of this days i might just have to push him to get this over with lol.


Boxer Pal

I have 2 boxers the older one now 7.5yrs didn't swim until we had our other boxer now 3.5yrs showed her how to but it was only the once. But even now she still only goes up to her shoulders and lets the other boxer who is half her size due to sickness, bring the stick back and the takes it off her boxers eh........
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