Suspicious tree breath!!

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Ok, so we got our tree on Friday of last week. We were laying in bed with Mateus at the foot of our bed wondering where our precious baby Taya was. So we gave a shout and she came running, jumped up on the bread and breathed her 'tree breath' on us. Seems like Taya really really likes our fir tree. Thankfully the needles are very short and soft, but now we have to keep a very close eye on her to make sure that she quits eating our tree/or pulling it down.
Oh, but if you could have had a wiff of her breath - it was actually so funny b/c it was so strong (the scent of the tree)!!LOL


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:LOL: :LOL: I'll bet that tree breath was funny! I'm still debating whether to put my tree up or not. I still don't trust Beau enough to think he would leave it alone during the day.


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That's hilarious! :LOL: Lael also likes to chew on the bark of some of our bigger houseplants. I haven't caught her yet, because she's sly. ;) But she'll come running up to me, happy and beaning ... with bark hanging off her lips. Suspicious!

:LOL: Thanks for the laugh! Give Taya a hug from us for being so cute.
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