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If you haven't already tried it go out and buy your boxer baby a basketball! We got one for Harley yesterday and he's hardly left it alone. He races around the yard pushing it ahead of him with his face. He tries to control it by holding it down with both paws and bouncing it into the air! After about 15 minutes of play like this, Harley's ready for a nap and sleeps until time for the next round with his new toy. He has many toys but none that have entertained and exercised him so well. We only paid $4.99 at Canadian Tire for the ball and it's already more than paid for itself. My only fear is that he'll bite through it eventually and it'll explode!
Hubby assures me that it will just get a slow leak and eventually die but I'm not so sure. Anyway, it makes a wonderful, safe toy and is relatively inexpensive compared to alot of dog toys.

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The best ball that we have gotten for Coco is called a clutch ball. It has indentations and areas where she can grab hold. Many of the toys I see suggested for boxers are too big for her mouth. These clutch balls come in 3 sizes. There are made of a soft rubber that I was afraid she would chew through, but she has not managed to put a hole in it at all. It almost feels like the material that wet suits are made out of. We has gotten an inexpensive one at Stop and Shop - Coco loved it, but was able to chew pieces our of it which so we had to throw it away. It has a squeaker in it which is usually the first thing she tears out of a toy, but she can't get these out and they make the funniest noises as the balls are squished and compressed. I ordered mine from, but I have seen them in other catalogs. The are between $5 and $10, but well worth the price since they last a very long time. Even my sons Am. Bulldog has not destoyed her clutch ball yet and she rips things apart faster then Coco does!
Coco loves to play with a basketball too. Outside in the yard is where we let her play with one. The clutch balls are great inside bacause they are so soft and flexible they don't break thing as she flips them around.

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Markus just loves basketballs and soccer balls. It always just amazes me that he can actually pick it up in his mouth and carry it around. Don't worry about it bursting, it will just leak when he punctures it, just like your hubby said. Sorry! Don't you just hate when the men are right.

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Sergeant was given an old basketball by the neighbours because it had a leak. He loves it, he pushes his face into it to deflate it, then grabs it in his teeth and races around the garden. As soon as I get near to him he takes off again.


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Barney has a valley ball he has punctered but will still hold air. He also will push his face into it so it deflates enough to grab. The punctered valley ball I almost threw into the trash is his favorite toy.

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Thanks for the idea - our demolition expert, Ttakas, will probably have it punctured in no time flat but I'm sure they will have alot of fun with it before that happens. He tends to 'hog' most toys if he can pick them up and poor Bronte is left looking on! It's no good buying two of anything, because what one has the other wants! It amazes me how wide he can open his mouth to pick up a pretty big item - his mission in life is to search and destroy!!

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I'm proud to say "Hurricane Christine" had her's 6 months before it bit the dust. She got it coutesy of the neighbourhood kids who left it in my front flower garden for a week before I got digusted and threw it in the back.
Christine would chase it for hours and love it. My neighbour thought she was having so much fun with it he bought one for his Standard Poodle pup.
Midnight could care less which might be a blessing in disguise as I don't think Christine would give it up.

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Another goddie, esp for older Boxers who have lost their zest for toys, is the Buster Cube. You put Kibble in it, and they have to push it around until food falls out.
This was recommended as #1 ("Official") dog toy in a magazine, so I figured, what the heck. When Rocky was younger, he DID love balls, until he deflated them (spoiled brat!). They also loved, even older, a fishing float they found on the beach (cylindrical, styrofoam, with plastic rope attached). 50 toys all over the house, and this is what makes them nuts! Go figure!


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A few weeks ago, I was working in the yard and had the shed open. When I looked out in the yard, I saw Buddy come out of the shed carrying a soccer ball in his mouth. I couldn't believe that he could grab it, but he did. He has had the best time with this thing, even though he eventually destroyed it. But he still will play catch with the "soccer bowl" (it has been chewed to just half a ball), chase it around the yard, throw it up in the air, and shake it to pieces.

Another favorite "toy" is a big old watermelon rind. Yep, he yanks watermelon halves out of the compost heap, and throws them around. He doesn't eat them, thank goodness, just plays with them. The good thing is they are cheap, and we replace them ourselves once every two weeks in the summer.

Buddy is our first Boxer, and the 5th dog since my husband and I met. Just the other day, my husband the cat-lover said to me, "I'm so spoiled with Buddy's personality, I just can't imagine having any other breed of dog." Wow! I guess Mr. Cat-Lover has been converted!


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Your right they are a great boxer entertainer but mine has a rope tied around it so they don't have to pop it to get a good hold of it but in about 6 months they work the rope off and pop it anyway and about the ball getting poped don't worry it won't explode in fact they like it just as much because they can get a good hold of it!! So your hubby's right it will just leak slowly:D


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