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Need some BW strength and hope. I have been having some health problems. Swollen ankles, a little winded sometimes. My Dr. wants me to have a stress test on my heart. I am scared to death. I just know it is going to be positive. What will happen to my babies if I have to have surgery? I do have a back up plan for them, but still I worry. It is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, so I have the whole weekend to worry and stress out. Need your good vibes and strength. Thanks.
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Glad your DR sounds to be on his toes,and you'll be in good hands,though I know you'll still worry,but know we'll all be thinking of you and sending all our best wishes for good health.
Hugs and kisses from Waldo xxxxxxxxxx


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Hang in there, think for the best. If, God forbits, you're required to have surgery (which is only the case for very few cases), i'm sure your babies will be fine. Be positive and try to think that most probably your test will be just fine or you might need some medication for a while.

Get well soon,

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Just caught this thread. Thinking about you! How did everything turn out? Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Positive vibes headed your way. I just had the same thing done about 6 weeks ago. It was the entire series of tests including the nuclear stress test. Mine all turned out negative-hope you have the same luck.
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