Strange fears

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Boxer Buddy
Dempsey, my six month old pup, is deathly afraid of anything that expands. Trash bags appear to be especially evil. Whenever I take the trash out and then come back in to place a bag in the kitchen trash can he follows me right up to the point that I pull out a new bag. As soon as I open it (before placing it in the trash can) he runs away in absolute terror. Same thing when I'm out in the yard and put lawn bags in the holder to dump grass in them. Stange.

Balloons, hah! My big brave boy leaves the room and peeks around the corner at them. If he comes back into the room at all he never takes his eyes off them. What's up with that?

Tape measures. Set one down next to him and he'll sniff and play with it but start pulling the tape out and whoosh -- he's outta there.

Am I missing some age old, inbredded trait that all boxers are deathly afraid of anything that expands?

Well, at least now I have a good way of getting him to leave the cat alone. Just get out a trash bag, rattle it a bit and zoom he's history.


Boxer Pal
LOL Kailee's latest fear is fans!! ceiling fans especially. She takes off running from the room as soon as we turn one on! The oscilating fan she has sort if accepted, but takes a wide sweep past it if she needs to go that way. But those darn ceiling fans she just stares at in terror. Poor girl, but at least now I know how to keep her out of my bed if I want. :)

Her other fears are:
brooms (cause severe distress to her, I have to remember to put it away after each use out of her site. Kailee is a rescue and makes me wonder what has happened.)
garbage bags
water (from the hose, water puddles, creeks any outdoor water source)



Boxer Booster
My maxiene isnt afraid of anything.In the begining I thought she was afriad of the sweeper but....SHe was just scoping it out to ATTACK!!!!Now I have to put her out side or in the other room to sweep.I am afriad she will hurt herself biting at it.Then when I do put her outside or in the other room she sets and BARKS and scratches till I am done.
Silly doggie.


Boxer Buddy
The only thing Cassius is afraid of is "the can" when he was a puppy and I was trying to train him the trainer told me to fill a soda can with some pennies when he is doing something wrong throw it to the ground near him I could never get myself to throw it so all I did was shake it once it stopped him in his tracks now all I have to do is say I'm gonna get the can and he stops instantly!!!!

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