Still missing my Buddy so much

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Boxer Buddy
I lost Buddy a year and half ago and I seem to miss him more and more everyday. Not a day goes by that I don't cry. I miss him every second of everyday. It still hurts so much. He was such a wonderful boy and love of my life. He hated when i would cry so i feel so guilty when i cry. Does it ever get any easier?


Boxer Insane
I'm so sorry for your pain. We are all different and I think the experience is different for everyone. When I lost my Fraze the pain was excrutiating and it was two years before I could think of him and not cry. He is gone almost four now and it still makes me so sad. But over time I have noticed that the good memories have overtaken the sadness a bit and I can now smile to think of him and even laugh at his goofy ways-he was a very, very goofy boy lovicon I think the biggest testament to the power of our love for our dogs is that we do miss them so, and go on to love another, like I love my Nysa now. I wish you peaceful dreams of your baby and more sweet memories than sad moments. Take care and know you are not alone in your thoughts and sadnessangelicon


Boxer Insane
Still missing Buddy so much

I know, its sad. I still miss my Buster after losing him last year. I still dream about him and think I see him at times. Consider adopting and bonding with a new dog. There are a lot of them out there that need our love. Hang in there!

sandy's mom

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I still miss Sandy a lot and she left us in October of last year.
It has been a little over a month since Napoleon left us and I still tear up just hearing his name.

Getting another one to love helps fill the hole they leave in our heart.
However, they are all different with their own little personality, so it isn't the same.

I love our Bella dearly, she is great, but she isn't Sandy or Napoleon.
They just leave holes in our heart.


Boxer Pal
I am so sorry for you loss. I too lost my darling girl just over a year ago and I still think of her often. Stellar was my best friend. She taught me more in her 9 1/2 years than I ever taught her. Losing her to cancer took me to a low I had never felt before. I could not imagine ever being happy again. The silence in the house was deafening.

I kept the woollen blankets I knitted for her stored and I still occassionally unwrap them and hold them to my face, close my eyes and breathe in her smell - and for that briefest of moments she is with me again.

I couldn't bear to adopt another brindle girl because of the similarity to my Stellar, and remember clearly saying to myself 'maybe a big red boy is what I need'. And the cosmos heard me and responded.

While visiting rescue sites online, there was a small ad about a male boxer seeking a forever home, there was no picture. Something resonated and I rang the breeder. We talked for nearly an hour as if we were long lost friends. I then drove for miles through thunderstorms the next day to go and see him.

There he was. My beautiful big red boy. We had found each other.

Hang in there sweetie.


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I know exactly how you feel. Titus had to be put down due to cancer and I miss him so much. He was a great member of the family. Unfortunately I found out Friday that Chloe has cancer also and it can't be treated. She has had several tumors removed but this one is really bad. Boxers are the most amazing dogs, but it is really hard to have to say goodbye. I dread the day I have to have Chloe put down. All we can do as owners is make sure they are happy and well taken care of. It sure doesn't make it any easier though.
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