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We were looking for a boxer mix and registered with a couple of rescues. I love boxer's and have a male but I love mixes too. Well after waiting a while and scanning Petfinder.com everynight, there she was , Sadie. They said she was a boxer/rotti mix and she was owner surrendered. Well when I went to meet her she was a ball of energy and not many manners, they said she was 2 , but all the stuff she was doing I coulnt believe it. I took her to my vet and he told me she was about 10 months. Well anyway I think this poor baby was kept in a celler or something because she went crazy at shadows on the wall, like she never seen them before. She went crazy at the dishwash, Ice machine, washing machine and the garage door opener. I coulnt believe it. She has a little bladder incontence which my doctor gave me Proin and it seems to do the trick and she had an eye infection. She was only at the shelter 2 weeks. . But this baby is home now and has her big brother to watch over her (or pounce on her, LOL) She's such a love.

Debbie Magon

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Congratulations on your new addition!
I wish you every happiness with you new girl and I am sure you will become a real team, exploring the "world" together.

I bet its all fun and games for Sadie and her brother.:D


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Congratulations!! It sounds like your house is going to be exciting for a while. :D
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