Spaying/Neutering at Humane Society?

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I think someone else mentioned that they had their dog "fixed" at the Humane Society.

We are thinking about taking Striker there this week to be neutered. They only charge $35. Our vet charges $90.

So would you feel that the vets at the Humane Society are adequate???? I also asked about ACE, and the lady at the desk said they've never had a problem with it. So, let me know what you think.

If the care and procedure isnt going to be as great as our regular vet, I will pay the extra money!



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I think it would be well worth the extra money to have it done at your vets. Striker will get much better care there. Does the fact that the Humane Society has never had a problem with ACE, mean that they intend to use it? Not a good idea!!! It's just not worth the risk.

Here are some links on Acepromazine.

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Ditto what Jan said. I wouldn't take any chances with Ace. And do the Humane Society a favor and let them know about the troubles with Ace and Boxers. They're not the type of people to disregard this kind of information.


Yes, spend a little extra for a vet that does not use ACE. My personal vet charged too much, so I looked in the phone book and found many vets who advertised Low Cost Spay/Neuter and many agreed not to use ACE, it only cost $65 compared to my vet who wanted to charge over $100. So obviously, we took him there, everything was fine.

Also, I had my cat neutered at a "clinic" and they did a chop job on him. He sat with his tail wrapped for two days and wouldn't let anyone touch him. Even now, he's skittish if you touch his tail end. Poor Peepers.


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My friend recently got a puppy, and the breeder gave her a phone number for gov't subsidized spay and neutering. 800-321-PETS, I guess you call, tell them where you live and they send a list of clinics. She showed me the info and there were a numerous reputable area vets that were listed as participants on the information she received.


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Another thing to keep in mind is that because the humane society does offer this at a reduced price, they are making little to no money off of it. In my opinion, if you can afford to take your pet somewhere else, do so. You will be making sure your pet gets the care you want, as well as freeing up time & money at the Humane society for other, more needy pets.


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What Ace????


Follow the url's on this thread that Jan provided for some good info on Ace. In short Ace is short for Acepromazine which is a tranquilizer that shouldn't be used on boxers, and many Vets aren't aware of its dangers.


Please read the articles on ACE! We never use it on our rescues. I didn't know about it and my vet used it on my 18month old when I had him done.
I picked him up from the vets and while there he passed out on us...fell to the floor tlike a wet noodle. I was never so scared in my life.
The vet said his heart rate bottomed out. This is what ACE does to boxers. If he was not in his office at the time he would have died on me.
It is in the veterinary medicine journal specifically that it should not be used on boxers. The medical link on has ACE on it and at the bottom it has the quote from the medical journal. Print it out and take it with you to your vets!
BTW the vet's that work with shelters are reputable vets from your area that donate their time for this cause.


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I had my cat spayed at the Humane Society and I will NEVER EVER do that to one of my animals again. I paid $180 to have Maggie spayed at my vet and I would pay twice that to avoid the horror I put my cat through at the Humane Society. My cat did not come out of the anestesia for 4 full days. She was barely conscious during that time. She came home reeking of urine and cat poop and it was smeared all over her, including on her incisions. I had a hell of a time cleaning her up after that. The kept her in a large cage after the operation with many, many other cats. It was horrible. I felt so ashamed and guilty that I had put my cat through that, I vowed never, ever again.

When the vet did the spaying of Maggie, she was up and at it the next day and she was clean and her incisions were covered in anticeptic wash and antibiotic ointment. I don't care how much money I have to spend, every penny is worth it when it comes to giving my animals the very best care possible.

Would you send your son or daughter to the corner clinic for an appendix operation? I don't think so. I'm sure you would find the very best doctors and surgeons possible to do the job because you love your son/daughter and wouldn't want ANYTHING bad at all to happen to them. I feel exactly the same way about my dogs.

Just my opinion.
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