Soon to be Boxer mom - Seeking new book (and help) - FAST!

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I've just read "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by New Skete Monks. I've never owned a dog before and I'm about to in less than 2 weeks. I'm trying to "do my homework" and I thought this was a pretty good book and approach, but when I replied to a different Thread and mentioned one of their methods I was chewed up, spit out and the thread was closed..... I'm new at all of this and was a little confused. (I've read the rules twice now just to make sure I was clear!)
SO, after reading more threads on BW I understand why it was closed. BUT I have seen other threads that have recommended the book... I'm still confused!

I have 11 days and counting to prepare for my new arrival and I want to know if anyone has any suggestions on the best book for me?

Any other advice would be good too!
I'm very green - any key word forum search ideas would be very much appriciated! (Like the bell training, that is so cool!)

Thank you!!
(Roxy will thank you later!)


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Ooh new puppy :) Congrats.

A good download is Ian Dunbar's "Before You Get Your Puppy" from

This site is also awesome for anything you need. Use the search feature and look in the puppy matters forums There are hundreds of threads on anything and everything about puppies. Lol any problems you have, its almost guaranteed there is a thread about it :D Search for things like potty/toilet training, crate, biting, jumping, socialisation, anything you can think of! And most importantly, positve training methods ;)

Good luck :D


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SO, after reading more threads on BW I understand why it was closed. BUT I have seen other threads that have recommended the book... I'm still confused!

Goolia - I personally have not read every training book out there (so with thousands of training books in the world, we often times have no idea what sort of advice these books contain). That being said, people recommend whatever training book they want. But, when you actively start giving out advice on on these Forums that promote negative reinforcement or training methods, the thread will be closed and often times the member removed. From the Rules:

but we support and promote wholeheartedly positive training and behaviour management, that is, teaching the dog what to do by using positive methods, not teaching a dog what not to do by causing it discomfort and pain. Any threads which appear to promote "negative" training and methods will be closed.

Both of the above posters have given some great training resources for you to check out. :)


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My 2 favorite dog training books are:

The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson
The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell

Both are easy reads and really are "must haves" for new dog owners. I wish I'd read them before I got my first boxer, rather than after. I would have gotten started on the right foot rather than trying to fix problems I created! :)

I have The Art of Raising a Puppy by the monks, but to be honest, it bored the life out of me, so I never got passed the first couple of pages. I'm easily distracted, though. It takes a good read to keep me interested! :)

Good luck and congrats!


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Thank you for all of the good links and book suggestions! I'll have lots of reading time this next week before I get Roxy.

I'm very thankful for finding this site! I don't read very many books, so I was ready to call it good and follow the one I did read word for word.
I'm glad this site saved me from a potential desaster with my new baby!!!

I can't belived she doubled in size from when I saw her last! She's so cute and I'm just so excited!!! 10 more days!

Thanks Again!


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There is a book that I can't remember the name, but I have seen it in petsmart and petco. It is something like guide to owning a boxer. I Think the authors last name was Terra. She is a vet. The book has a boxer on the cover and is brown and white. It also comes with a dvd with training tips. I think I paid $15-$20 at barnes and noble.
The most helpful book I ever found was called "Super Puppy: How to raise the best dog you'll ever have". It's actually more of a booklet than a book because I think it is only about 40 pages long and you can read it in about an hour. It has a TON of good info in it, especially if this is your first dog. It goes over why puppies do the things they do, your role as a leader for them and how to naturally establish it, basic commands, etc. It is big on positive reinforcement and has NO negative reinforcement type things, which is really good.

Helpful first forum searches might include: puppy kindergarten, socialization, potty training, bite inhibition, and crate training. Can't wait to see pictures!!


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Some advice for you...

I'm not going to link any books b/c I think the others covered that pretty well here. I'll just tell you - what you put into it is what you get out of it. And probably the best advice you can get is one word - PATIENCE - and a LOT of it. You will show them something a hundred times and they still won't get it. Be persistent.

I just raised my first puppy by myself (she's 3 now, in my gallery). For a lot of the things there is no manual. I didn't read any books - cover to cover - but I did search the internet and read stuff. The best help I got was talking to my friend who had raised a boxer puppy. The more you read, the better you'll be, but I think the things you can live by are:

1 - Time - you have to put lots of hours and days and weeks into it. 2 - Patience - 3 - Persistence - 4 - Repetition.

Anyways just my advice. My girl turned out wonderful. People ask all the time if I took her to a school. Boxers will be great dogs if you put the time in!

BTW - cute puppy!!!
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