Something must be in the water...2nd stray Boxer has appeared!

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sandysmom - We're in Covington County.

brodieboxer - Thanks for emailing them! Right now the puppy is the one that will really need a home if we can't find his owners. We're still listing him with local vets hoping someone is missing this little guy and wants him back home. In the mean time, we're treating his cuts and starting on the vet approved feeding schedule to bring him back slowly.

If we still have him in the next month or so, he'll be neutered as soon as the vet feels he's healthy enough.

He has the cutest little personality! He is just a love!


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I heard back from Ginger McClure today and they don't have an foster families available right now. She said for you to email her the puppy's information and some pictures, and she'll list him on the site and Petfinder for you, as a courtesy. Her email address is on the Contact Us page of the RPR site: Rockin' "P" Rescue, Inc. | Contact Us. Once you're on the page, scroll down, and click on her name (left side of page near the bottom) to send her an email. You can remind her that Dempsey's mom, Beth C., is the one who contacted her about you and your situation, if you want.

Good luck!
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unless the pup just got out and got lost for a really long time and hurt do you really want him to go back to that kind of home were he is starveing and uncared for? maby being with you or a fellow boxer owner is what needed to happan for humans and dogs.Rescues always seem to find a way to repay you even if its just makeing you smile and laugh.

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So, so, great of you to take in these dogs and to take such good care of the puppy! It would be great to learn how things are going!


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I agree!

So, so, great of you to take in these dogs and to take such good care of the puppy! It would be great to learn how things are going!

When dogs "adopt" another dog, it's a reflection on it's owner's good heart!

We had countless abandoned dogs (over 20), left in our driveway, when we lived in the upstate of South Carolina for 5 years. Our 3 dogs (sisters), who were our first abandoned adoptees, welcomed the newbies and nurtured them, until we could find good homes for them. We relied on their "good instincts" when someone came to look at the abandoned dog and, their 'seal of approval' of the adopters, was the wagging of their tails (thumbs up!)

We received many pictures from the adoptive families, over the years, and it always amazes me just how much our animals can teach us!
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